Message for Friday – Beware of the two faced people

إن شر الناس ذو الوجهين الذي يأتي هؤلاء بوجه وهؤلاء بوجه

Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) said, “Surely the worst of the people is the two faced person, who comes with one group with one face and to others with another face.” (Saheeh Muslim)

One of the realms in which two faced people are plentiful is in the political world.  The two faced politicians come to one group promising certain things when they feel that the majority sentiment is a certain direction.  The same politicians will then go to another group with a watered down version of what they’ve said before or apologetically dismiss their previous positions.

During this election season, the two faces are in abundance.  “We must fight them wherever they are including Iraq…I was never in favor of invading Iraq…”  “I truly believe that Islam is a religion of peace…We have a war against the Radical Islamic Jihadis, who dominate the Middle East…”  “I’m for limited government and cutting spending…I’m in favor of increasing defense spending, increasing Coast Guard and Border Patrol at the borders, and having a National I.D. including the bureaucracy to sustain it…”


Unfortunately, the a large percentage of the public, who are like sheep, support such two faced people knowing that their not being candid, but people like hearing what makes them feel good or agrees with their sensitivities.

The candidates that represent their true sentiments are normally labeled as extreme to the right or extreme to the left and never win the larger elections.  Two such candidates are in the election hunt now with very low percentage points in the polls within both major parties.

If you’re straight with people from the beginning, there will be no need to put up two faces and get caught in lies like the one that the former President was just caught in.  The Islamic position is to “speak a straight word” as the Qur’an states.

And surely G’d knows best.

2 thoughts on “Message for Friday – Beware of the two faced people

  1. BismillaharRahmanirRahim

    as-salaamu ‘alaikum. Thank you for coming to my site, I will be responding to your welcomed comment shortly. In the meantime I thought I might peruse your blog for interesting topics. I was especially looking for things related to Michigan since I was born in a small town in Michigan.

    On this particular post you wrote of the Prophet saying,

    “Surely the worst of the people is the two faced person, who comes with one group with one face and to others with another face.”

    And I agree, we must beware of the two faced people. But, anytime you have people vying for power this kind of behavior will surface. That is why you find it ever entwined within the conduct and lifestyle of those involved in politics. Politics is merely the science of managing and administrating power. And the relationship of human ego and power is always a slippery combination.

    Politics fosters an environment of insincerity, its just how it is. So if one is involved in politics, one way or another they are going to interact with people showing two or more faces and they themselves will show two faces… eventually.

    This is not religion thing, its a human thing. But I guess those Muslims who choose this necessary course and wish to also stay on the straight way, should give it their best shot and seek support from the salihin.


  2. AjarakumULLAH! Thank you for your comments. Please feel free anytime, akhi.

    I agree that two facedness is not a religion thing; it’s a human thing. And that is why the Prophet (SAAS), the perfect man, addressed this condition because he addressed the condition of the human soul, irrespective of the outer shell that houses the soul.


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