Walid Shoebat, fraud in progress or object of ignorance by law enforcement?

A man, who goes by the name of Walid Shoebat (probably not his true name) that claims to be an “ex-terrorist” will be coming to Michigan State University for a speech next week.  I’m presuming that he’ll give his usual I used to be a terrorist who hated Jews before I became an evangelical Christian speech. His speech is being sponsored by the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), which is America’s only student hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The question is that if Mr. Shoebat was indeed involved in terrorist acts, why has he not been investigated by the Department of Justice and placed in jail for his crimes?  Does getting the “holy ghost” give him immunity from being arrested and tried in court for terrorism?  If Bin Laden or Mulla Omar renounced terror, could they go on speakers tours also and collect nice honorariums for a living?

Obviously this guy is a complete fraud, who is making a living spreading fear and hatred. 

SEE a story recently printed about the fake 3 ex-terrorists:


3 thoughts on “Walid Shoebat, fraud in progress or object of ignorance by law enforcement?

  1. I know Walid Shoebat. I went to Loop College with him 25 years ago. He was not “ex-terrorist” or Palestinian fighter as he claims. He didn’t even joint the palestinians students club., didn’t fast in Ramadan or pray like other muslims he claims he was a member of.. So when he says he was an ex-terrorist, he’s lying, he didn’t know much about Islam. He should know who I am. He still ows me four dollars that he borrowed from me in July 1983

  2. Walid is Fake and Fraud. His Arabic accent is a fake accent. I heard him on Catholic radio today and his accent got twice as thick. He is a zionist agent, working for Israel. Anyone who can’t see through the agenda is a dumbass.

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