Chinese Muslim Scholars Visit Detroit Area

Chinese Muslim Scholars
By TMO | March 24, 2008

By Masood Rab, MMNS

Chinese Muslim Scholars Visit Detroit Area – Observe American Muslims’ Involvement in American Politics

Imagine US State Department sponsoring Chinese Muslim Scholars to meet and observe the Muslim communities conducting their affairs in America as a model.

On the one hand we see the presidential candidates in the primaries shying away from getting even close to anything looking Muslim-ish and taking a swipe at Islam every time they are on the media camera and get an opportunity. And then, we see the US government sponsoring Muslim scholars from other countries to visit America, meet us in our centers and schools and know how we are flourishing in the multi-ethnic American polity.

Obviously, there is a strategy of the US government to impress on the intelligent overseas Muslim scholars to bend their Islamic thought processes in their countries’ political systems as the American Muslims are doing within America and the resulting material benefits.

One imam from Yunnan province introduced himself on entering the Muslim Center in Detroit as “Saleh Issa,” and said “No” when asked if he spoke English. “Do you speak Arabic?” “Yes,” he replied and started chatting away with Shaikh Ali of Canton, Shaikh Elturk of Warren, and Dawud Walid of CAIR. Imam Saleh Issa aka Zhang Jianhua is Dean of Islam College Najiaying in the southwest Yunnan province of China.(MORE)

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