Iranian film about Jesus (AS) causing controversy

The LA Times today ran a story regarding an Iranian produced film about the life of Jesus Christ (AS).


Christian critics of the film have stated a range of comments that the film is historically inaccurate to it being Satanic.  In Islamic theology, Jesus Christ was not crucified by the Romans as part of a Jewish plot.  Rather, Christ was taken up to G’d, and a likeness of him was killed.

Ironically, a Christian was quoted in the article alluding to heresy in the movie and that Jesus is the true Messiah, yet the only person called the Messiah in the Qur’an is Jesus. 

This film may be seen as controversial in the Muslim world as well because it gives a physical depiction of Jesus, showing an actor’s face representing Jesus’.  The majority consensus of the scholars is that depictions of any of the prophets are completely reprehensible.  If Muslims are against depictions of our prophet Muhammad (SAAS), then we should not sanction depictions of our prophet, Jesus, the Spirit of G’d.

To complain about depictions of Prophet Muhammad (SAAS), but turn a blind eye about depictions of Moses, Aaron, Joshua or Jesus reeks of hypocrisy.

Rev. Wright at NAACP-Detroit’s annual gala

Last night at the NAACP-Detroit’s annual banquet, Rev. Jeremiah Wright was well received by an audience of approximately 12,000 people. 

An interesting portion of his presentation was his acknowledgment of Dearborn Height’s Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi, the founder of the Islamic House of Wisdom.  Rev. Wright gave him and the community a “special shukran” (shukran meaning thanks in Arabic) in his speech as well as giving the Muslim greeting of “As-Salaamu `Alaykum” (Peace be upon you), saying “insha’ALLAH” (G’d willing) and “Alhamdulillah” (Praise be to G’d).

Rev. Wright’s comments which contained a little Islamic flavor show the depth of the relationship in which mainstream African-American clergy have always had with Muslims.  The Black Church, especially Black Liberation Theology, was influenced heavily by the teachings of the Nation of Islam and its leading spokesman, Malcolm X.  In fact, Rev. Jesse Jackson once stated that when the black clergy in years past used to deliberate on certain issues, they would inquire as to what the “old man” said about those issues.  The old man being the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the teacher of Malcolm X.   

Also see Rev. Jesse Jackson at the 1975 Savior’s Day, the day after the passing of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad when Imam Warith Deen (WD) Mohammed took over as leader and began moving the community towards mainstream Islam:’S%20DAY%201975.wax

Despite a handful of Islamophobic preachers, who are associated with John Hagee, such as Bishop Glen Plummer, the Black clergy and Muslims have a wonderful relationship and will continue to have that relationship, G’d willing.

CAIR-MI volunteers featured on CNN, first time Muslim voters

This short clip is actually only a brief snippet of an hour conversation, which took place in CAIR-MI’s office.

The unfortunate aspect regarding the line of questioning was that all of the questions dealt with foreign policy issues pertaining to the Middle East.

*NEWSFLASH* – American Muslims casts their votes based on several concerns such as the economy, health care, crime prevention and environmental issues, not just the Palestinian-Israeli conflict or the occupation of Iraq.

SEE clip: http://www.cnn. com/video/ #/video/politics /2008/04/ 24/sanchez. islam.voters. cnn