Walid Shoebat: ‘Ex-terrorist’ exposed as fraud

From the Jerusalem Post:


When he was 16, says Walid Shoebat, he was recruited by a PLO operative by the name of Mahmoud al-Mughrabi to carry out an attack on a branch of Bank Leumi in Bethlehem.

At six in the evening he was supposed to detonate a bomb in the doorway of the bank. But when he saw a group of Arab children playing nearby, he says, his conscience was pricked and he threw the bomb onto the roof of the bank instead, where it exploded causing no fatalities.

This is the story that Shoebat, who converted from Islam to Christianity in 1993 and has lived in the United States since the late 1970s, has told on tours around the US and Europe since 9/11 opened the West’s public consciousness to the dangers of Islamic extremism.

Shoebat’s Web site says his is an assumed name, used to protect him from reprisal attacks by his former terror chiefs, whom he says have put a $10 million price on his head.

Shoebat is sometimes paid for his appearances, and he also solicits donations to a Walid Shoebat Foundation to help fund this work and to “fight for the Jewish people.”

The BBC, Fox News and CNN have all presented Shoebat as a terrorist turned peacemaker, interviewing him as someone uniquely capable of providing insight into the terrorist mindset.

Now he and two other former extremists are set to appear along with US Senator Joe Lieberman, Ambassador to the US Sallai Meridor and other notables at an annual “Christians United For Israel” conference in Washington in July.

The three “ex-terrorists” have appeared previously at Harvard and Columbia universities and, most recently, at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado, in February, at a conference whose findings, the organizers said, would be circulated at the Pentagon and among members of Congress and other influential figures.

Last year, Shoebat spoke to the BattleCry Christian gathering in San Francisco, which drew a reported 22,000 evangelical teenagers to what the San Francisco Chronicle described as “a mix of pep rally, rock concert and church service.”

The paper described Shoebat as a self-proclaimed “former Islamic terrorist” who said that Islam was a “satanic cult” and who told the crowd how he eventually accepted Jesus into his heart.

However, Shoebat’s claim to have bombed Bank Leumi in Bethlehem is rejected by members of his family who still live in the area, and Bank Leumi says it has no record of such an attack ever taking place.

His relatives, members of the Shoebat family, are mystified by the notion of “Walid Shoebat” being an assumed name. And the Walid Shoebat Foundation’s working process is less than transparent, with Shoebat’s claim that it is registered as a charity in the state of Pennsylvania being denied by the Pennsylvania State Attorney’s Office. (MORE)

26 thoughts on “Walid Shoebat: ‘Ex-terrorist’ exposed as fraud

  1. The problem of Walid shoebat is money and i cant blame him because t is only a bastard that will indicate the way to his father house with left hand.it’s only GOD that can judge walid shoebat and i believe that when they finish using him they will throw him into a dustbin like a toilet paper

  2. first of all it is not very Christian to go around calling people frauds… second of all in a theological/eschatological discussion Shoebat, whether he was a terrorist or not, is to my knowledge 100% correct on any scriptural claims, statements, or ideas that I have read or seen him speak…. and wouldn’t it to be wise to trust him that maybe the people that claim that his statements about his past to be false could be what he says they are… LIARS…

  3. Thank you for this. I’m an Evangelical Christian, and Shoebat’s name came up in response to a post I made on face book re Christians being less hostile toward Muslims. I used your link (and the wikipedia pages, which also note his dubious story) to respond. To me, he reminds me of a man who’s bogus story I helped expose some years ago, one Mike Warnke (who claimed to have converted to Christ from Satanism!). The articles we did on Warnke can be found here, perhaps will serve to inspire someone to treat Shoebat’s tale similarly: http://www.cornerstonemag.com/features/iss098/warnke_index.htm

  4. So… no comment on the fact that the Koran demands a sacrifice of death, while the Bible asks for a living sacrifice…

    Yeah, you’d better concentrate on who claims to be a “former terrorist” or not. It’s obvious you can’t defend your own beliefs in the face of fact.

  5. Where in the world is Islam being spread other than by peaceful means?

    Take Rwanda for instance in which Islam is growing. It is growing partly because from the mercy of Muslim Hutus during the genocide in which Catholic priests BLESSED Catholic Hutus when they massacred Tutsis. The Washington Post has written about this; google it.

    Jesus is the Messiah according to the Qur’an. G’d, however, does not have kids.

    • My understanding is that ISIS considers themselves to be spreading Islam and living up to the highest standards of Islam. Do you agree with this or do you consider them to be of another religion? For someone like myself who knows very little about Islam I look to them and see that Islam is not peaceful. Am I wrong because I don’t hear Muslims speaking loudly against them. I find most Muslims to be very quiet on this subject and this makes me feel that they agree with what they are doing.

      • Muslims have condemned ISIS. We also do not feel ownership over what they have done.

        The bigger issue is how did ISIS start and what were the factors in Iraq that gave birth to them? How is it that ISIS is using US weapons?

  6. whether he is an ex terrorist or not is irrelevant. Whats important is his claims on scripture and prophecy. dont lose sight of the point!

  7. Till the 90’s, the PLO was a COMMUNIST left wing party that had nothing to do with Islam.
    The only reasons this LYING IDIOT goes around telling he’s an ex Muslim terrorist are 1) MONEY; 2) To be able to write and SELL BOOKS; 3) FAME. This piece of dirt is climbing on the bodies of the Americans killed in 9/11 and is trading with their lives to fill his pocket. WHERE WAS HE BEFORE 9/11?!

    • You are so correct! Thank you for this post. I wish all people were that smart. Walid is a fraud…and he is very rude too… Once you don’t agree with him he will be rude and use rude words. He has No Holy Spirit. He is not a Christian.

  8. I find it strange that Walid Shoebat would denounce Islam with the conviction that he does and say that Islam is a false faith and Allah is a blood-thirsty Moon God. Walid must have Muslims all over the planet seeking him out so that these members of the Religion of Peace can cut-off Walid’s head for his leaving Islam. Apostates are to be killed, according to the Peace Book, the Qur’an.

  9. Actually, you used the wrong reasoning.

    He is not being sought out for a number of reasons. For one, people recognize him to be a fraud. Two, there are Muslims who change their religions all the time and no harm comes to them or threats.

    By the way, Christians who speak Arabic say Allah. If you could read Arabic, you’d clearly see that in an Arabic translations of the Bible.

    Oh and the Qur’an makes no mention of killing any apostates. The word apostate in Arabic is murtad. Now if you can show anywhere in the Qur’an where it even says to debate with a murtad/apostate much less kill him, then I will change my entire opinion!

  10. There is a hadeeth, not anything in the Qur’an, that mentions execution within the context treason during time of war, not simply changing one’s religion.

    6) They say Prophet (s) ordered death for any Muslim that decided to change their religion.

    The Qur`an says nothing about killing someone for changing their religion, nor did the Prophet (s) order the execution of anyone based only on their changing of religion. Changing of religion will be judged by God; however, those who change their religion during a time of war and aid the enemy commit an act of treason. All civilized nations recognize that an act of treason that puts national security at risk can bring the possible punishment of execution.

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  12. I cannot comment on any of the scriptural references or events. However there does seem to me to be a great need to produce and widely circulate a RELIABLE translation of the Quran into English and perhaps French for good measure so that we could all be better informed as to its message. This way muslims who do not understand classical Arabic but have been persuaded to have a jihadist outlook could be persuaded that some of what they have been told is mischievous garbage and stop their silly nonsense. This is assuming that the Quran does not justify or prescribe their views. It did not seem to do so until about 20 years ago. It would also enable uninformed nonmuslims to have a better informed view as well.

    • Mike, the Quran had been memorised from the beginning. As revelation came to the prophet, hafiz would be those memorising it. It was gathered onto parchments and leather and bone after a battle where many hafiz died and so was found to be prudent to do so. After being collected into the book and verified by the trustworthy companions with written and oral verification, the Quran has remained untouched to this day. That’s over 1400 years. A copy of one of the very first Qur’an is kept in a museum in Tashkent and another in Turkey – If I’m not mistaken. They are the same as the copies we have today – and no, there isn’t anything untoward or unjust in the Qur’an. Why don’t you read it for yourself to find out? You seem like a humble person.

      [15:9] Absolutely, we have revealed the reminder, and, absolutely, we will preserve it.
      [56:77-80] This is an honorable Quran. In a protected book. None can grasp it except the sincere. A revelation from the Lord of the universe.
      [85:21-22] Indeed, it is a glorious Quran. In a preserved master tablet.

      • there are 72 different sects of Islam and they have all changed the Quoran in ways to conform with their different views..

  13. ISIAIh 41 BRING forth your IDOLS did they PREACH to you see they can’t speak they can’t DO ANYTHING all they do is cause confusion. Jeremiah 10 they nail thier IDOL down like a scarecrow it can’t move cant speak can’t move must be carired these are nothing but the WORK of CON men. spalms 115 graven images have eyes but cant see have ears but cant hear have noses but cant smell and those that make them shall become like them. john 10 jesus christ sais his sheep hear his voice and another voice thy will not follow and if another person tries to preach to them they WILL FLEE from him. jeremiah 5 the priests bear rule on thier own authority what will you do when your judged my word is not inside them. Now here is the kicker john 5 son of man voice goes back in time mathew 16 jesus christ claims to be the son of man. ‎1 cor2 mind of CHRIST preached internally and john 16 sais the spirit of truth comes in the future. Ezekiel 13 lying prophets of ISRAEL my word is not inside them saying god sais god sais god sais wrote hoping mankind would CONFIRM thier WORDS. all of this is EASILY verifiable.

  14. Walid mixes a little truth with a lot of lies.Even some things that I have seen on here are due it a bad understanding of Islam.

    Much of what we see today, even in Saudi Arabia is NOT the Islam of Muhamad, not of Islam for years after that, nor that was practiced. What you see is culture mixed in with Islam. LIke honor killings. No such things taught in Islam, yet people listen to the words in media, and people like Shoebat and think that its Islam.

    In many places in the world, one thing thats missing is a correct understanding of Islams. Even many Imams in many places do not have a full understanding of the Quran. And sense orthodox Islam has no clergy, thats a problem. The Quran was not written in the order that things happend. Rather, larger verses to small ones if I recall right. And simple memorizing them will not teach when things happened, to whom it was directed, and when they stopped.

    Well, thats all I have time for. Look at Guide TV, and look at shows there on proper Islam. They are trying to teach it to the world, and to Muslims.

  15. There is only one door through which you can enter to YHWH and thats through YAHSHUA His Son. Time is running out and I urge you to open your hearts to Him. Through no other Name than YAHSHUA will there be salvation for you. Once you die, it will be to late to change your mind or religion. You need to have a relationship with Him, or He will denie knowing you. I had an after death experience and I assure you that its for real, I saw the Hades which the Scripture talks about and I urge you from the bottom of my heart to seek the true God of Abraham, Izak and Jacob as He is the only one that it capable to save you.
    If you need to still forgive people in your life do it in a hurry. Forgive them with all your heart because if you don’t, you will not be forgiven. Its like a math: forgiveness + love = Reconciliation
    If you don’t reconcile in you heart, Father will not reconcile with you.

  16. Right… right… but Walid Shoebat is a coward mongrel… if he really wanna expose Islam is false, why didn’t he make conference to Muslims? Why didn’t he put a bullet proof glass panels and equipped the place with military… yeah, the Pope can give money. One thing I know is this… hadiths can be corrupted… Allah did not say Hadith is preserved. He said Qur’an is preserved which I know that’s the truth since there aren’t any update for thousands of years. And yet, the President/PM of Turkey (I think) made an attempt to change the entire content of Qur’an into his language but it didn’t go smoothly for him. And at the end of the day, mission failed. The Qur’an revealed the date of the rise of Sputnik I and Moon Landing and withheld many evidence of the world we’re seeing today which I didn’t find a scratch from Bible. IMO, we can’t judge Islam through Muslims. We must judge through the content of religion itself and I’m a Muslim by choice, not birth.

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