Words of Our Father Abraham

The following parables are examples or lessons given by G’d via Prophet Abraham (AS), which were transmitted through Prophet Muhammad (SAAS). The Way (Millah) of Prophet Abraham leads to the complete, successful destiny for the human being. The essence of what was revealed to the prophets and inspiration that was given to the wise sages or saints such as Luqman (AS) was embodied in Prophet Abraham’s teachings. Prophet Muhammad is the fulfillment of the prophecy that guides humanity back to the Order of Prophet Abraham.

*Notice the emphasis that is being placed upon respecting the human intellect in second parables.


عن أبي ذر الغفاري ، قال : قلت : يا رسول الله ، كم كتاب أنزله الله ؟

 قال (صلّى اللّه عليه و آله و سلّم): مائة كتاب و أربع كتب : أنزل الله عز و جل على آدم عليه السلام عشر صحائف ، و على شيث خمسين صحيفة ، و أنزل على أخنوخ ثلاثين صحيفة ، و أنزل على إبراهيم عشر صحائف ، و أنزل جل و عز التوراة و الإنجيل و الزبور و الفرقان. قلت : يا رسول الله ، فما كانت صحف إبراهيم ؟ قال (صلّى اللّه عليه و آله و سلّم):

 كانت أمثالا كلها: أيها الملك المسلط المبتلى المغرور ، إني لم أبعثك لتدمع الدنيا بعضها إلى بعض ، و لكن بعثتك لترد عني دعوة المظلوم ، فإني لا أردها و إن كانت من كافر.

و كانت فيها أمثال: و على العاقل ما لم يكن مغلوباً على عقله أن يكون له ساعات ، ساعة ينجي فيها ربه ، و ساعة يفكر فيها في صنع الله عز و جل ، و ساعة يحاسب فيها نفسه فيما قدم و آخر ، و ساعة يخلو فيها لحاجته من الحلال في المطعم و المشرب . و على العاقل ألا يكون ظاعناً إلا في ثلاث تزود لمعاده ، و مرمة لمعاشة ، و لذة في غير محرم . و على العاقل أن يكون بصيراً بزمانه ، مقبلا على شأنه ، حافظاً لسانه . و من حسب كلامه من عمله قل كلامه إلا فيما يعنيه.

(تاريخ الطّبري)


Narrated from ِAbu Dharr Al-Ghifari he said: I asked: Oh Messenger of G’d! How many books did G’d reveal? He [Muhammad] (SAAS) said:


HE sent down 104. G’d sent down to Adam (Peace be Upon Him) 10 scrolls, and to Seth (Peace be Upon Him) fifty scrolls, and sent down to Enoch (Peace be Upon Him) 30 scrolls; and sent down to Abraham (Peace be Upon Him) 10 scrolls as well as the Torah, the Gospels, the Psalms, and the Furqan.


I said: Oh Messenger of G’d! What were the scrolls of Abraham?  He said:


They were all parables such as:

Oh dominated, afflicted, and deceived king! Surely I did not awaken you to make the world weep, one part to another; rather I awaken you to ward away from me the cry of the oppressed, for surely I will not turn away from it even if it is from an ingrate.


And in another parable:

And upon the intelligent person, who is not overcome by his/her intellect, should keep various hours – an hour for confiding with his Lord, an hour for contemplating about the works of G’d (Mighty and Sublime), an hour for calculating what his soul has done from beginning to end, an hour for being free to be alone with the permitted food and drink.  Also the intelligent person should not depart from three things – making provisions for his/her future destination, seeing to his/her sustenance, and taking pleasure in what is not forbidden. And upon the intelligent person, he/she should be watchful of his/her time, attentive of his/her affairs, and guard his/her tongue. And whoever calculates his/her speech as part of his/her actions, few are his/her words except what concerns her/him.

 [At-Tabari – Taareekh]

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