Message for Friday – “Don’t act off of anger”

إن الغضب من الشيطان

Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) said, “Surely anger is from Satan.”

الغضب مفتاح كل شر

Ja’far As-Sadiq bin Muhammad bin Ali bin Al-Husayn bin Ali (RA) said, “Anger is the key to every malicious act.”

Reason is one of the attributes that separates man from beast.  When man relegates reason, the actions of man will not only be counterproductive but can lead to ruination.  Anger is one such factor that clouds reason.

العجلة من الشيطان

Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) stated, “Haste is from Satan.”

Acting from anger triggers hasty decisions that are usually regretted after done.  Hasty decisions by nature are done without factoring in the long term consequences and the harm that those decisions can cause for the actor as well as others. 

Recommended steps to avoid acting off of anger:

1) Make ablution with water then pray.  The Prophet (SAAS) stated that water puts out fire and that Satan is made of fire.

2) Remember G’d when feeling angry. Say I seek refuge with G’d from the accursed Satan.

3) Sit down or even lay down to collect thoughts.  If neither of these are possible and/or a situation is invoking much anger, walk away from the situation until calming down.

لا تغضب

When a man came to Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) and asked for his advice, the Prophet (SAAS) said, “Don’t be angry.”

اللهم إني أسألك كلمة الحق في الغضب والرضا

Oh G’d! Surely I ask you for correct speech in anger and in pleasure.

And surely G’d knows best.


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