Serbian murderer to face UN tribunal for genocide of Muslims

Many Muslims of Eastern European background are still very appreciative of the USA’s role in defending them against the aggression of the Serbs in Bosnian and Kosova during the 90’s.  When President Bush traveled to Europe earlier this year, the only country where he received a jubilant reception was in Muslim majority Albania. 

As a Muslim who served in the US military in “The Box” (area which Bosnia is located) as well as serving as a temporary Imam for the Bosnian-American Islamic Center in Hamtramck two years ago, I have a special affinity for the Bosnian people and have kept up with their yearning to have justice as part of their healing process. 

I’m glad that the Bosnians, who are alive that suffered at the hands of the Serbs have the opportunity to see justice served.  Unfortunately, African-Americans don’t have the opportunity to try the likes of Sir John Hawkins and Pope Nicholas V for their part in the Black Holocaust.  G’d will take care of them on the Day of Reckoning.



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