Memorial for Shaykh Hassan Cisse (RH)


Friday night at The Muslim Center in Detroit, Muslims from various communities came to pay their respects to the late Shaykh Hassan Cisse, who passed on Wednesday night in Senegal.

After the funeral prayer that was held after the Friday prayer, various leaders spoke about the works of Shaykh Cisse. Shaykh Cisse was given the key to a number of cities including Detroit, by the way.

Brothers and sisters, who are African-American, Gambian, Iraqi and Senegalese attended.  Besides followers of Shaykh Cisse from the Tijani tariqah, members of the Mouride tariqah, the Qadiri tariqah and students of Imam Warith Deen (WD) Mohammed paid their respects.  Shaykh Ahmed TIjiani Ben Omar was also in attendance.

Imam Salim Joseph presided over the events including Qur’an reading, dhikr al-Jumu’ah, wazeefa and urging the Muslims to read Qur’an and make du’a during laylah an-nisf, the 15th of Sha’ban.


23 thoughts on “Memorial for Shaykh Hassan Cisse (RH)

  1. shaykh hassan cisse was indeed a great scholar and philanthropist of our time, i thank ALLAH S.W.T That i have once received an e-mail from him,i use this medium to send my condlonce to his immediate family and all the tijjani brothers and sisters the world over,May ALLAH continue to bless his soul.

  2. The demise of Imam, had a very strong effect on Humanity as a whole, but we pray that Allah in his infinite Mercy gives us a Khalifa thatt will be able to continue in his good works for the betterment of hummanity.

  3. Sheikh Hassan Cisse May Allah Exalt your position in the midst of Aoliyah. What a great man you are?. well Byeeee.

  4. Student, Follower, Atlanta, GA

    I feel very blessed to have known Shaykh Hassan Cisse personally for 28 years; to have prayed behind him, sought his guidance, and to have partaken of the vast ocean of knowledge, wisdom and spiritual insight with which Allah Almighty had blessed him. May Allah grant him an exalted position in Paradise, and bless his work on this earth to continue and to reach unprecedented heights.

    • I wish I knew you to ask and know more about Imam ( his path to knowledge, being and daily prayer ). It is a piety that I get to know him after his departure from this earth. Oh! You beloved of Imam please share with me flood of this generation, Sheik Imam Hassan Scholar.

  5. May allah bless the soul of Abul Hatimi of the khalifas of shiek Islam. May his soul Rest in peace,May he bail us on the day of judgement


  6. aljanat firdaous for sheikh hassan cisse a wonderful imam rest in perfect peace sheikh more blessing for his beloved children suratul fathia ikhlas solatul fatih

  7. Sheikh hassan was a good muslim who was a pure believer and spent all his life working for allah,may allah bless anything he left behind protect and guide his everything in his power.
    May allah situate his son muhammad cisse and all his brothers and sisters to continue all they can towards the good work their father was doing amen.

  8. Sheikh Hassan Cisse was well know as a great muslim scholar and spent all his life time working for Allah, may Allah bless his work on this earth to continue and to reach unprecedented heights.May he bail us on the day of judgement.

  9. sheikh Hassan Cisse was well knwon all over the world, may allah accept all the prayers he offers for us before living this world amin.

  10. Salam, may Allah shower Nur(light) on the grave of imam Hassan and give all the Tijaniyya followers the fortitude to bear the irrepearable loss.

  11. May the soul of sheik Hassan Cisse be blessed by Allah. Alhamdulilah that I was able to meet him once in Lagos at the federal palace hotel.

  12. Imam Hassan was a paragon of Sufism and Kutub Maktum of our generation. I feel honoured to choose him as my role model. May Almighty Allah grant him janat naim, ameen.

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