Comments based upon Imam WD Mohammed’s sermon today

Thousands of Muslims packed the Cobo Hall today to hear American Muslim leader Imam WD Mohammed deliver the Friday sermon.

What I found most interesting about today’s sermon was the section where he continued his discussion about the intrinsic excellence of man and that man’s role in its “Christ-like” and Muhammad (SAAS) like nature is to elevate thinking to the level of scientific observation in all matters.

The example that Imam Mohammed gave was quite interesting in his reference to man’s purpose being higher than animals.  He stated that animals have family life, male animals in some species look after their families, have sex outside of public view and groom themselves.  Thus, a man looking after his family is nothing special, for animals even do this much. 

He stated that man’s role is more elevated than this in its purpose to govern varying aspects in this material world under G’d, and that this can only be achieved by those who are alive morally and intellectually, not dead.

He stated that most in our society are morally dead.  Having money and a family doesn’t make one alive to purpose.

This made me reflect immediately on Sen. Obama’s recent remarks about black men taking care of their families.  On one hand, he’s right for this is incumbent on men.  On the other, it made me also think that this is nothing special to call men towards taking care of their families and that being a man in the sense of Adam, Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) is so much more than this base responsibility.

People are driven by expectations.  If they expect nothing, they achieve nothing.  If they expect to live a life no more elevated than the animal life, they live the animal life of seeking the bare mininum.  Turn them onto their human purpose and potential, their character will be close to the prophets, and they will be the renewers of civilization and innovators that help advance humanity.

5 thoughts on “Comments based upon Imam WD Mohammed’s sermon today

  1. ASA,

    I really appreciate this post. Can we get your opinion on the overall convention, especially that it was in Detroit this year. And if its not too much something from the public address…lol.

  2. As-Salaamu `Alaykum,

    I’m not the best person to give an overall critique of the convention because I only attended the khutbah on Friday and the Sunday public address.

    My major concern regarding this and other events is that there are people of yester-year, who lack professionalism and lack Islamic knowledge and adab that are organizing and even speaking on behalf of the Imam. It’s quite frustrating and embarrassing at the same time.

    I’d have to elaborate more on a private e-mail regarding what I witnessed on Sunday that solidifies what I concluded 10 years ago.


  3. As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum,

    Brother Imam I am interesred in your observations of those who orginize and speak on the behalf of the Imam.

  4. As-Salaamu `Alaykum,

    Okay, let me give two quick examples.

    Imam Mohammed was 90 minutes late for the khutbah on Friday. People from Detroit came to the khutbah on their lunch breaks; others brought their little children. I personally invited a reporter, who wrote a story about it in the local paper.

    Now, since there was no delay at the airport in Chicago, this means that the flight arrangements were made knowing that the Imam would be late. This is not only unprofessional but is not respecting people’s time.

    Of course, the Imam’s message is worth waiting for in the minds and hearts of his “students”, but it DOES NOT look good to the broader public. If the Imam would have been even 15 minutes later, I would have missed the khutbah myself because I had to pick up my daughter from daycare.

    Part of da’wah or calling people towards a message is public relations.

    Mind you, the Imam is always challenging us towards becoming more excellent. “Surely ALLAH loves that when a person endeavors to do anything, he seeks to perfect it.” – Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)

    Why does this happen habitually? This isn’t just a one time thing; this is the NORM! The last time I invited some interfaith people to come hear the Imam, he was almost 2 hours late. Mind you that these people have busy schedules and families to tend to.

    Something else happen on Sunday where some long time workers and supporters of the Imam were humilated. The Imam had addressed a particular situation the night before not attacking anyone. But a brother sought fit to bring the matter up again on the rostrum on Sunday in front of thousands calling the people out by name and asking them to leave the auditorium, people who registered and paid for the convention mind you. The Imam didn’t ask them to leave the night before.

    How can a brother handle this situation like that in the tone that he did in front of the Focalare, other interfaith leaders and non-Muslim guests!?! It’s a shame before G’d, the almighty!

    Anyway, I prefer not to go into this any further on the first day of Ramadan, but it’s truly sad that Imam Mohammed’s message, which is so clear, is being blocked from broader exposure because of some who lack compentancy and Islamic knowledge/manners.

    But ALLAH knows best.

  5. Wa Alaikum Assalaam,

    I was not there but that sounds just like the Imam’s right hand man (men). These brothers not only lack good akhlaaq (manners) but are sloppy in caring for the needs of the Imam. Yes this is very unfortunate.

    Imam Mohammed has one of the largest group of followers in the US. He should have a headquarters the size of a manhattan building. His business endeavors should be booming. He should have books dedicated solely to the TAFSIR of Imam W. D. Mohammed. But some of his closest followers and “supporters” do him a great injustice by POORLY representing his leadership. Then these are the same people who attempt to jump down your throat when the topic of support comes up.

    But, I’m not for all the politics. As you said Allah knows best. See you at the Ramadan Session dear brother!

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