Audio of interview regarding legacy of Imam WD Mohammed

I was only able to record the section of yesterday’s portion of the interview featuring Imam Ibrahim Pasha from Atlanta on Akbar Muhammad’s show.  I did not hear the comments of Min. Louis Farrakhan following Imam Pasha due to having to leave for iftar.

Pay close attention to Imam Pasha’s comments.

8 thoughts on “Audio of interview regarding legacy of Imam WD Mohammed

  1. Alhamdulillah, I got it to work. (didn’t have a RealPlayer).

    I think Imam Pasha’s words are a breath of fresh air. The Imam represents the “best of human aspirations” and Allah, swt, blessed him to affect many people and generations with his LEGACY.

    I am so confident that what he left his students with is more than enough to continue his efforts, continue interfaith works, to continue establishing community life for Muslims in America. His language and tafsir undoubtedly ranks with the best scholars of all time, and I thank Allah for his leadership.

  2. Well, one of the aspects that Imam was critical of that the younger generation has to do a better job is having qualified Imams that study the Qur’an in its original language and the seerah of the Prophet (SAAS) from the earliest texts.

    We cannot allow for our generation to have a brother calling himself Imam that gives a khutbah from the middle section of The Muslim Journal and pontificates.

  3. I strongly believe as Imam W.D. Mohammed has stated (peace be on him and the mercy of Allah)
    that whether Obama wins or loses his bid for president of these United States,the fact that
    he made it as far as he has come, is a SIGN in itself that the so-called negro, black man,
    or African-American or whatever, shows the whole world a brand new human being able to over
    come all obstacles in his path! And remain true to his natural self without holding on to any
    racial garbage to throw onto his fellow man. So all praises be to Allah (SWT) for showing us
    the power of human development. And I thank Allah (G-D) for having blessed all of us with the
    honor of having the privilege hearing the lige-giving wisdom of Imam Waritheen Mohammed(may
    Allah forgive him for any sins and grant him the highest pardise. Takbir!!!

  4. May ALLAH have mercy on our Imam (RH).

    Yes, regardless of whether Obama wins or looses, his bid has shown a definite progression of American society. The haters are still many, but have shrank tremendously in numbers.

    We’re seeing the manifestion of Thomas Jefferson’s vision of what American can be, even if he owned slaves himself.

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