Eid al-Fitr in Detroit & Dearborn will be on…

For those following the Marja’ Sayyid Fadlullah (Shi’i), it has been announced that Eid is tomorrow, September 30, making Ramadan 29 days since his followers started on September 1.  SEE: http://english.bayynat.org.lb/news/bayan_25092008_1_1.htm

The majority of mosques whether starting the fast on September 1 or September 2 will have Eid on October 1; those who started on September 2 would have fasted 29 days.  Those who started Ramadan on September 1 are obligated to break fasting on October 1 if not on September 30 because Ramadan cannot be 31 days.

According to Zaytuna, there is a decent chance that Eid will be on October 2, but this only applies to those who started fasting on September 2.  SEE: www.cresecentwatch.org

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