Israeli ‘massacre’ in Gaza continues

Wounded Gazan child by Israeli airstrike (Getty Images)

Wounded Gazan child by Israeli airstrike (Getty Images)

Attacks continue today in Gaza killing up to 280 people according to last reports, many of them civilians including children being killed while walking to school and worshippers killed praying in a mosque.

An Israeli official on “Meet the Press” this morning stated that civilians were killed because the Hamas security forces (police) take cover in residential areas.  The last time I checked, it is common practice for police forces to have stations around residential neighborhoods.  At least, that is how it’s been in every place that I’ve resided in America.  Very odd justification indeed.

See AP story below:

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Israeli assault on Hamas kills more than 200

Ibrahim Barzak and Amy Teibel / Associated Press

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli warplanes rained more than 100 tons of bombs on security sites in Hamas-ruled Gaza Saturday and early Sunday, killing at least 230 people in one of the Mideast conflict’s bloodiest assaults in decades. The government said the open-ended campaign was aimed at stopping rocket attacks that have traumatized southern Israel.

Most of the casualties were security forces, but Palestinian officials said at least 15 civilians were among the dead. More than 400 people were also wounded.

The unprecedented assault sparked protests and condemnations throughout the Arab world, and many of Israel’s Western allies urged restraint, though the U.S. blamed Hamas for the fighting.

But there was no end in sight. The first round of strikes began around noon Saturday followed by successive waves of attacks that continued into the early hours Sunday.

Israel warned it might go after Hamas’ leaders, and militants kept pelting Israel with rockets — killing at least one Israeli and wounding six.

Hundreds of Israeli infantry and armored corps troops headed for the Gaza border in preparation for a possible ground invasion, military officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity under army guidelines.

Arab leaders in Metro Detroit condemned the Israeli attack, saying it was an overly harsh response by Israeli forces.

“Today’s attack – which amounts to a massacre – was definitely a disproportionate response to a few cheap, homemade, makeshift rockets being fired across the border,” said Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Michigan.

“The Bush administration dragged its heels with regard to the peace process,” he added. “We call on the incoming Obama administration to take a real hands-on approach so that innocent women and children won’t be killed whether they’re Palestinians or Israelis.” (MORE)

2 thoughts on “Israeli ‘massacre’ in Gaza continues

  1. To all the people who sleep safely in their beds at night and have the audacity to criticize the Israeli government, this is for you:
    None of you spoke in the past 8 years when rockets and bombs fell in southern Israeli cities, causing death and damage without any provocation on our part.
    What you need to understand are two things-
    First of all, there is no functioning government in Gaza. The Hamas took over and they are running the show. The Hamas, in case you didn’t know, is a terror organization. Just like Al-kaida and Hezbollah. Israel is dealing with terror organizations all around its borders. Not with governments. And not with civilians. We have nothing against the Palestinians. Only the terrorists.
    The second thing you need to know is that the Hamas is a very cynical organization which uses innocent women and children to fight Israel. They launch their missals from civilian’s houses, not from open fields or military camps, and when the Israeli army wants to destroy those missals launchers- sometimes innocent people die.
    Ask yourself- what would you do if your life was constantly under threat? Look at the map. Maybe that will help you grasp our geographic situation.
    The purpose of the Israeli army is to defend. Not attack.
    So next time you think about how miserable and poor the Palestinians are, and how powerful and evil the Israelis are- think again.
    (Written by a left-wing Israeli who thinks terror should not win anywhere in the world).

  2. I think you re missing the point my friend no matter who, how, why, what, when, they are killing and maiming women and children. Nothing justifies that, two wrongs dont make a right and calling it collateral damage doesnt excuse it. Mass killings are still murder even if the press pretends its a justified war. The 100’s of tonnes of bombs and artilry indiscrimently dropped is disproportinate to the problem and wont fix anything.

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