Ceasefire needed in Palestinian-Israel conflict

Dead Palestinian children after Israel drops bombs in residential area

Dead Palestinian children after Israel drops bombs in residential area

Reported by Reuters, Christian leaders in Jerusalem called for a cease-fire and an end to the bloodshed in Gaza.


From the Reuters story:


In a joint statement issued by the Vatican, patriarchs, bishops and heads of Christian churches in Jerusalem also pressed all parties to chose non-violent methods to resolve their disputes.

“We also call on the international community to fulfil its responsibilities and intervene immediately and actively to stop the bloodshed and end all forms of confrontation,” they said.

Signatories included the Catholic “Custos of the Holy Land,” who oversee major Christian pilgrimage sites, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch, the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch and a bishop from the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

“We believe that the continuation of this bloodshed and violence will not lead to peace and justice but breed more hatred and hostility — and thus continued confrontation between the two peoples,” they wrote.

Yesterday in Dearborn, over 1,000 people of diverse backgrounds, Muslims, Jews and Christians, Arabs and non-Arabs, protested the violence in Palestine and Israel and called for a ceasefire. 

Let me be clear that the protest was not in favor of Hamas.  Their firing of rockets, be they homemade rockets to Kaytusha & Qassam rockets, is not acceptable nor wise.  However, the Israeli response has been disproportionate and is accelerating the suffering of Gazan civilians, who have been living in conditions much worse than inmates in US prisons.  Children are dying, and people are starving.

Yesterday at the Dearborn rally, I urged those in attendance to contact their Federal elected officials immediately to ask them to call for a ceasefire.

Click here to listen.

3 thoughts on “Ceasefire needed in Palestinian-Israel conflict

  1. It’s been rumored that the incentive behind firing rockets into Israel is financial which makes sense as there doesn’t seem to be any tactical or political incentive to do so. Now we have Israel destroying the governing infrastructure of Gaza. This will in turn create a political vacuum which will create another crisis. As long as the Palestinians are stuck in perpetual crisis they will not move forward.

    • The people in the mid-east have hated each other for centuries and they wont ever stop as long as there is some power hungry fanatic who wants to have himself on a pedestal. I don’t care what particular false religion they use to justify their actions. The people either have it in their heart or don’t, it doesn’t matter who they say they are doing it in the name of The Creator, God , Mohamed, the people are like sheep and there is always some so called good man who wants to lead them to slaughter. You look at all of these World so called leaders and tell me what single one of them really has their people at heart. NONE!!! That’s what I thought. To many people and starvation and not enough food then stop having babies that suffer unless you are sure you can feed and take care of them without government assistance. If you have antagonist in your country that want to destroy another country then get rid of them. In other words take out the trash and lets get back to living, become productive and pulkl your hands back and figure out how to make life work without murder.

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