Simply translation of off the record FBI statement

Today’s Detroit News carried an article titled, “FBI limits work with Muslim civil rights group amid dispute: Some vow to stop cooperating with agency amid dispute” in regard to the strained relations between the agency and CAIR, America’s largest advocacy and civil rights organization for American Muslims.

The FBI continues to provide nothing in writing to CAIR regarding its issues with the organization or any public comments on the record as to why it has scaled back some of its relations with one of America’s most influential Muslim groups. 

Let’s, however, translate one portion of the today’s article:

While FBI officials would not say publicly why it has ended most cooperation with CAIR, privately they say the FBI would be hard-pressed to explain why it would continue to engage as a partner an organization with two leaders who attended such a meeting.

*The translation of the statement above is that the FBI during the Bush administration scaled back cooperation for public relations purposes driven by politics, not tangible proof of criminal wrong doing.

The meeting in question, which took place in 1993 was supposedly for the purpose that CAIR was established to be a front group for Hamas – Hamas was never mentioned in this 1993 meeting by name according to the government.  Hamas by the way was designated as a terrorist organization in 1995, approximately two years aftere the meeting that took place.   

CAIR was established to be what it currently is, which is a very vocal advocacy organization which challenges Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry and a credible source regarding American Muslim issues.  The Islamic nature of the organization is contained within “American-Islamic.”

Let me end with my quoted from this article:

Our work has been overwhelmingly based upon issues directly affecting Muslims, from giving diversity trainings, empowering Muslims through civic engagement trainings and in taking discrimination cases,” said Dawud Walid, the executive director of CAIR-Michigan. “Probably not even 1 percent of CAIR’s work in the past 15 years has been related to the grievances of Palestinians. This does not reflect the work of an alleged front group for people in the Gaza Strip.”

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