Walid discusses FBI – Muslim relations on Pakistan Radio

Today’s discussion on Pakistan Radio, WPON 1460 AM in Walled Lake, Michigan, was about relations between in FBI and the Muslim community in light of new reports that the FBI has asked community leaders to spy on congregations and organizations.


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CAIR asks Iranian gov. to release Iranian-American Journalist

Sayyid Khatami & Roxana Saberi

Sayyid Khatami & Roxana Saberi


Islamic group asks Iran to free journalist

WASHINGTON, April 10 (UPI) — A U.S. Islamic advocacy group Friday urged the Iranian government to release a jailed American journalist as a gesture of good will.


The Council on American-Islamic Relations said it delivered a letter calling for Roxana Saberi‘s release to the Iranian Interests Section, located in Pakistan’s Embassy in Washington.

Iranian officials have detained Saberi since January and recently charged her with espionage.

“In the spirit of shared faith and international peace and stability and with the desire to increase constructive interactions between our two nations, we respectfully request that Iran release Roxana Saberi and allow her to return to her family in the United States,” Nihad Awad, CAIR national executive director, wrote.

Awad said the Washington organization recognizes how the seriousness of many issues can impede improved U.S.-Iran relations.

“We ask Iran to take this opportunity (of releasing Saberi) to make a gesture of reconciliation that will help create an atmosphere in which those issues may be addressed in a positive manner,” Awad said.

Walid on talk shows tomorrow regarding US policies with Muslims

I am scheduled to be on the following talk show speaking about President Obama’s recent trip to Turkey, worsening relations between FBI & Muslim community and the relation between Obama’s foreign policy and domestic Muslim issues.


Sunday, 4/12/09 – 98.7 FM KISS – New York, New York @ 10:15 am.

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Sunday, 4/12/09, – WPON 1460 AM – Walled Lake, Michigan @ 11 am.

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Albania: Another Muslim Country Joins NATO


It has been reported today that the Albania has been admitted into NATO.


Albania, a country which is approximately 70% Muslim according to the CIA, has undertaken a religious revival in the past decade.  Mosques that were once empty are now overcrowded for the Friday prayer sermons.


Albania is now the 2nd Muslim member of NATO along with Turkey.


To show the validity of the late Tip O’Neill’s statement of “All politics is local,” Albania warmly greeted President George W. Bush in 2007 when he traveled overseas while he was met with protests and being called a war criminal in the other countries in Europe, which he traveled. 


The Bush administration was a supporter of Kosova’s independence from Serbia, Kosovars being ethnic Albanians, which may have also contributed to his popularity.


It will be interesting to see how Russians take this to this expansion, which also includes Croatia being accepted into NATO, since these two countries are in Russia’s backyard as well ethnic Albanians and Croats were adversaries of Serbians, who have historical ties to Russians, during armed conflicts in the 90’s.


We’ll have to see how this affects NATO’s ability to pressure Russia from curtailing its support of Iran, including the assistance that Russia has given to Iran’s non-military nuclear program.