Speculation over Janazah (funeral) & Michael Jackson being Muslim

It seems like confusion is still brewing whether Michael Jackson actually ever became a Muslim or not.

One urban legend that has circulated among Muslims, even repeated by Imams, is that Dawud Wharnsby, a Muslim musical artist, witnessed MJ taking his “shahadatayn” – bearing witness that there is only one G-d and that Muhammad ibn Abdullah is His messenger and the last prophet. Wharnsby stated on his blog that he never even met MJ, nor did he ever have the opportunity to discuss issues of faith with him.

Muslim singer Yusuf Islam also dismisses the urban legend as well that he witnessed MJ accepting Islam.

Now, stories are circulating that an Imam visited the Jackson family allegedly discussing burial arrangements.  Who is this Imam?  No one is sure. 

If MJ died as a Muslim, may he be accepted as one and be granted Divine mercy.

MJ was definitely an artist whose impact was felt worldwide.  I wonder, however, if Muslims are being overly anxious to claim him as among the fold out of sincere concern for his spirit in the life of the grave or to claim this world renowned (and repudiated to some) figure because of a collectively damaged ego and esteem.

Surely G-d knows best.

10 thoughts on “Speculation over Janazah (funeral) & Michael Jackson being Muslim

  1. It is said in islam that whatever wrongdoing has been caused in the past and all anti islamic actions…. etc…

    Is erase when someone converts himself to islam.

    If he turn himself to islam, the islamic community should without any arguments accept it.

  2. Muhammad ibn Abdullah !

    Are you saying Muhammed (S.A.W) is the son of God?

    This is not true. He is the last messenger / prophet of God. Flesh and Blood!

    Please don’t spread wrong beliefs

    • Brother Zaid – let me help you here.

      Abd means SLAVE and AbdAllah means SLAVE OF ALLAH. So Muhammad (S.A.W) was not the son of God but merely a messenger, servant, slave or Allah (S.W.T).

      Please don’t spread wrong concerns by putting words in people’s mouths. If you don’t know the meaning ask for clarification, it is not fair to deduce someone else’s comment and pass a judgement. May Allah shower you with ILM.

  3. No, the Prophet (SAW)’s father’s name was abdullah… -___- wow… please learn to read the seriah of our prophet (SAW)

  4. the comment above mohammed ibn abdullah means the (son of abdullah) abdullah being the name of a man which in this case is refering to mohammed saw’s father. The name abdullah itself means servant of Allah .a respectful way the arab’s refer to one another

  5. Please look at this video. As far as I know this is the last video where you can hear from MJ’s own mouth what he believed in. He’s always said that don’t believe anything if you haven’t heard it from me.
    These rumors about him being a muslim are just rumors. There is no one who can show him say that or have any proof at all.
    I think it’s important that we say what we know (what has been said from him) not what the media been trying to make him into.

  6. Ali the interview with MJ was taken somewhere year 2003 or 2005 if I’m not mistaken. But he was reportly converted on November, 2008 which just few months before his death. There is no proof he have anounce he have converted but I’m very shure his family knew about it and that is the reason everything was mystery pertaining his actual funiral. They have their reason to hide it from public and only God or Allah know’s the best – one day true story will surface.

  7. Dear Brother Zaid,

    ‘Ibn’ in Arabic is ‘bin’ to some of us. Abdullah is Rasulullah(SAW)’s father. So Muhammad ibn Abdullah is Muhammad son of Abdullah.

    Here are some examples use in ‘Ibn’

    Sayidina Ali Ibn Abi Talib(r.a)
    Sayidina Othman Ibn Affan(r.a)
    Sayidina Umar Ibn Alkhattab (r.a)

    Please try to learn arabic to avoid other confusion.

    Assalamualaikum Warah Matullahi Wabarokatuh

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