Jermaine: ‘Michael is a gift from Allah’

Muhammad Abdul-Aziz aka Jermaine Jackson

Muhammad Abdul-Aziz aka Jermaine Jackson

As the world remembers Michael Jackson after his demise, Muhammad Abdul-Aziz aka Jermaine Jackson gave an interview with Matt Lauer of the Today Show (Video) this morning that will surely further speculation as to whether his brother accepted Al-Islam.

Abdul-Aziz said (see 3:20 minute mark on video) that “Michael is a gift from Allah, and He [Allah] has taken him back.”

It is still unclear, however, that Michael, who allegedly changed his name to “Mikaeel” ever became Muslim.  Myths have circulated that Dawud Wharnsby and Yusuf Islam discussed the Islamic religion with Michael and witnessed him becoming Muslim, claims that both have rejected on their blogs.  According to a British tabloid, Michael was given his shahadatayn (witnessing the oneness of G-d and Muhammad being His messenger) at a home by an Imam; no one knows who this mystery Imam is however.  This rumor was rebuked by Michael’s lawyer 3 days afterwards in the NY Daily News.  Unfortunately, media outlets throughout the Muslim world carried the tabloid story without verifying the information and never aired or printed a correction given by Michael’s lawyer.  Thus the story of his conversion mushroomed. 

Going back to Abdul-Aziz’s interview, he made a couple of bizarre statements, probably due to the amount of stress, which he is under.  He stated that he wished that he had died instead of Michael and that he spoke for Michael in times when Michael couldn’t speak for himself like Moses.  Obviously, it is never fitting for a Muslim to wish death for himself/herself or that he/she dies in the place of another.  Also, Aaron (Harun) was the prophet who Moses (Musa) prayed for as an assistant to aid him when he had a difficulty in speech. 

One thing is for sure that we are a week into Michael’s death, Abdul-Aziz has not declared that Michael was a Muslim, and there has been no Janazah (Islamic funeral prayer) for Michael.

The drama continues…

6 thoughts on “Jermaine: ‘Michael is a gift from Allah’

  1. Jeramine Jackson seems to be sincere but as you rightly said that he is indeed under pressure.
    Those two guys who alleged be the media of bringing Micheal to Islam has officially denied that they were not.
    Islam is the perfect religion of Allah,and the status of Allah’s religion is nothing to do with a celebrity’s reversion.
    If he has reverted Alhamdullia for him. But at the end of the day the soul will be judged according to his deeds.

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