Interesting Islamophobia related items to read

End result of Islamophobia: Bosnian genocide victims

End result of Islamophobia: Bosnian genocide victims

I ran across 2 interesting pieces today regarding anti-Muslim bigots and Islamophobes.

The first is from Strait Gate Ministries titled “The Zionist, Messianic-Christian Network Inside Evangelical Churches: Walid Shoebat, His Clones and Enablers.” This post postulates that Walid Shoebat, a self proclaimed “ex-terrorist”, is in fact a stooge for Israel.  Although the piece offers no tangible proof of this and I frankly do not think that he is paid by the Israeli government, it offers an interesting push back from Southern White American Conservative Christians against the likes of Israel cheerleader Rev. John Hagee who support the people such as Shoebat. 

The second is from Politics Daily titled ““50,000 Muslims to Pray on Capitol Hill: Guess Who’s Not Happy?”  This story discusses the planned Friday sermon on the Hill for tomorrow, the Islamophobes who are ginning up fear about it and Muslim critics of the event.  

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper summed it up best with the following quote:

What is significant about this event is that it is being seized upon by a cottage industry of Internet hatemongers who want to disenfranchise the American Muslim community,” said Hooper, who cannot attend the event because he will be traveling. “People shouldn’t stop doing things based on the hatred and bigotry of others. The civil rights movement did not stop moving forward just because racists didn’t like it.

I would be utterly surprised if this event draws even a 1/5 of the target group simply because of the distance of the chief organizers from the Hill, the lack of coordination with National Muslim groups and poor marketing.  Muslims in DC, Maryland and Virginia alone could produce a crowd of 50,000 Muslims if coordinated effectively.  Nonetheless, we are prayerful the event is peaceful without incident from hate-mongers and pro-occupation extremists.


One thought on “Interesting Islamophobia related items to read

  1. As I predicted, the crowd was extremely small. The Washington Post estimates only 1,000 Muslim showed up for the prayer, which is far less than the average Friday prayer congregations as the ADAMS Center in Dulles, Virginia or Dar Al-Hijrah, which is also in Northern Virginia.

    The Dearborn mosque off of W. Vernon has about triple that every Friday!

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