Irreligious billboards up in Detroit


Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. has recently placed billboards up in Metro Detroit stating slogans such as “Imagine No Religion” to “Praise Darwin: Evolve Beyond Belief.”

One of their members states on their website, “”We thank the Founding Fathers for the parity these boards allow.”

It is true that the “Founding Fathers” upheld the Freedom of Religion and Freedom Speech.  It was not their intent to have a society without religion, just a society that is not dominated by one particular religious interpretation or religious authority.

Just read the The Declaration of Independence.

As far as the statement of the irreligious billboard above, imagine how Detroit would be without religion.  Imagine all of the churches and mosques who are guided by faith to give food & clothing to the poor were not around.  Imagine if there were no religion to help reform those who have partaken in criminal lifestyles.  Imagine how much more dangerous this city would be without religion.


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