On Al-Jazeera today discussing Al-Qaeda, racial profiling

Our comments condemning Al-Qaeda are scheduled to shown on Al-Jazeera (Arabic) today at 11 AM Eastern time and will be playing throughout the day.

Television coverage of our condemnations & concerns of racial profiling:


WDIV Channel 4

WXYZ Channel 7

TV 20

Also see Detroit Free Press story Area Muslims: Don’t link us with Al-Qaeda:

Walid said the failed attempt to blow up Flight 253 from Amsterdam as it landed in Detroit is not “jihad,” or “striving in the cause of God.” Instead, attacks are “irhab,” or “terrorism,” and “hirabah,” or “unlawful warfare,” according to Islam’s holy book, the Quran, he said.

“To our fellow Americans, we ask you not to paint all Muslims with a broad brush,” Walid said. “We condemn this type of injustice.”

Walid’s group is launching its own jihad, an online endeavor to provide legitimate information to young, uneducated Muslims who might fall prey to Internet rhetoric from religious extremists. He expects the online presence to launch by spring.

Also see Detroit News story Yemenis, Muslims fear backlash:

“People in the community are just frustrated,” said Dawud Walid, executive director of Michigan’s Council on American-Islamic Relations.

He said that misinformation about Islam abounds after such incidents. Walid said that the vast majority of the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world do not support al-Qaida, and, in fact, make up most of the terrorist group’s casualties in places such as Pakistan and Iraq.

“Killing and targeting civilians is unacceptable in Islam,” he said.

He offered a distinction between Islamic concepts, condemning the incident as “irhab” (terrorism) and “hirabah” (unlawful warfare), and denying that the act constituted true “jihad,” or work on behalf of God.

“These people are not engaged in legitimate jihad, and we should not embolden them further by calling them ‘jihadis,’ ” Walid said.

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