Where is the protesting over slaughtering of Muslims?

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) recently issued a statement calling for leaders in the Middle East to denounce suicide bombings (perceived to be sectarian based) committed by so called Muslims that victimize other Muslims.

This past Friday close to 100 Muslims were killed and hundreds injured in bombings in Karbala, Iraq and Karachi, Pakistan.  These bombings have been taking place on a regular basis in recent years.  In fact, I can almost predict when some of them are going to happen, which shows how common they have become.

As I stated after the failed bombing attempt of Capt. Underpants in Detroit, Muslims have been the primary victims of these purveyors of irhab (terrorism) and hirabah (unlawful warfare).  These suicide bombers are not killing Christians primarily; they are overwhelmingly targeting people who pray 5 times a day, fast Ramadan and read the Qur’an!

And as we denounced Capt. Underpants here (which we were suppose to) including a small protest outside of the Federal court in Detroit the last time he appeared, where is our zeal in decrying these irhabis when they blow up worshipers in mosques or marchers in processions?  There was vigor in denouncing the recent failed attack in Detroit, which injured no one save the Nigerian fellow, yet there has been little to no vigor in even addressing the regular Muslim on Muslim carnage  that is taking place in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan?

As a Black American, it reminds me of how we get worked up over police brutality when some bad cops abuse or kill Black men yet we kill each other over 100 times more and don’t protest our own self destructive behavior!  I’ve been guilty of this as a Black man too, be it when Malice Green, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell and most recently Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah were killed.  As if I didn’t know this already, a Black American colleague who is a Christian in a national civil rights organization made the following observation.

The civil rights activist also questioned why were those “White Muslims” [meaning Arabs] so quick to march against the Black [Nigerian] guy but never march against “their own kind” that are blowing up their own people every week?

That was a heck of a question that I wasn’t expecting.  I had an answer for this question, but what would your answer be?


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