Anti-Government Kamikaze Pilot Not A Terrorist?

A man named Joseph Andrew Stack today performed a suicide airplane crash into a a nine story building today in Texas.

Stack according to media reports left a suicide note on the Internet attacking US authorities, and the building which he slammed the airplane contained a federal tax office.

The White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs said that it appears that this attack was not terrorism related.

Now wait one minute!

Stack, whom we will learn more about later, appears to be a White Christian that went on an anti-government rant before crashing a plane into a building with government officials, but he wa’s simply suicidal, not a terrorist?

Let’s imagine if Stack was named Husayn Ali Abdullah who went on an anti-government rant then slammed a plane into a building.  What do you think the White House and media’s response would be?


6 thoughts on “Anti-Government Kamikaze Pilot Not A Terrorist?

  1. @jjoshuajj21, honey – take off your conspiracy glasses … we are all victims today living in America. 40% of our Nation is at Poverty level and the statistics are climbing higher!

    Regardless of the circumstances that brought him to this end, it was tragic in its reminiscence of the Oklahoma City bombing and the terrorist brutality of 9/11.

    Actions such as this are not the way of making positive changes happen in our government. In fact, his careless disregard for his life and others shows Americas’ weakness, not our strength.

    He should not be martyred in any manner – he committed an act of ‘Domestic Terrorism’ against innocent people!

    • I know you don’t know what you see here, this is a Bible Code finding, (After The Incident), the trick is to find these Bible Code revelations before the incident, then a person can actually do amazing things. The significance factor of this matrix is high, and on one can say that this finding is FALSE, so the Bible Code Matrix is a valid instrument of TRUTH-!!-

  2. It’s sad that there wasn’t intervention, so that he didn’t commit suicide.

    I wonder if his family saw any warning signs. I wonder if he had psychological help before or neglected to take psycho-trophic medications.

    Even if dude was a victim of injustice, answering injustice with crime can’t be justified.

    If it’s wrong in Palestine, it’s wrong in Texas.

  3. Has anybody seen parts of the plane yet? I mean for real are people this naive after Iraq, 911, and Katrina… We still don’t get it huh? We still think that whats happening is everything the CIA/CFR media says it is Huh? Why dont yah just go ahead and take the chip? I mean your already controlled, why not just go all the way… Then I could probably understand why this docile thinking in the Black community plauges us daily, and we suffer from it daily!!

  4. This was the quickest news cycle on a Attack on a Government facility and agency i have ever seen. No over analysis, apologies, security beef up etc. This was a terrorist attack but the media knows this goes against their narrative and smear against the campaign so they are playing nice and trying to forget it as quick as possible.


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