Jackson, Walid Question FBI Tactics


Jackson, Walid Question FBI Tactics

By Michael Carroll/Tell Us Detroit

DETROIT – The Federal Bureau of Investigation was criticized heavily Sunday, by both Rev. Jesse Jackson and Imam Dawud Walid, the Michigan chapter of the Council on Arabic-Islamic Relations Executive Director. Their comments were given during CAIR-MI annual fundraising event in Dearborn.

“I am speaking of the tactics of the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigating our community… what we at CAIR have documented across the country, which is the misuse of FBI informants in our houses of worship, “ said Walid.

Walid continued to chastise FBI tactics in regards to the fatal shooting of Imam Luqman Abdeen Abullah in October of last year. Walid said that many Islamic religious leaders across the country had already expressed concerns to CAIR over the alleged coercion practices of the FBI in attempt to recruit and exploit informants.

“Our concerns unfortunately manifested themselves exactly 5 months ago to this day, on October the 28, 2009, where a series of raids took place based upon two years of infiltration by agent provocateurs at a Mosque in Detroit, which led to the homicide of Imam Luqman Admeen Abdullah,” Walid Said.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, the events keynote speaker, told the crowd they had nothing to fear from FBI investigations, and that justice always finds the light.

“Dr. King said there is no defense against sabotage and ambush… Let them spy and challenge them to find fault,” Jackson said. “somehow someway those who are righteous, god protects in life and death. The blood of the Imam has fertilized the soil for hope and new possibility.”

Abdullah, also known as Charles Thomas, was under investigation by the FBI, according to the criminal complaint filed with the U.S. District Court, for the sale and transport of illegal goods, illegal firearms, providing ammunition and firearms to convicted felons, and a host of other charges. Abdullah was one of 11 men targeted by the two year investigation.

The complaint further identifies Abdullah as a “highly placed leader of a nationwide radical fundamentalist Sunni group” whose primary mission is to establish a separate, sovereign Islamic state within the borders of the United States. Abdullah was also convicted of felonious assault and carrying a concealed weapon in 1981.

The following statement was taken from a recorded conversation with Abdullah and included in the complaint.

“How are we going to [to have] Islam here and the Koresh, if you will, or Washington is trying to stop everything we do?…. Well yeah, but it’s not just the fear factor, it’s the whole point of. of knowledge. Of understanding that “they” are the enemy, and that I should be trying to plot as to how to make moves to get some things accomplished.”

Controversy continues to surround the shooting of Adullah, who according to an autopsy, was shot 21 times by federal agents, including once in the back.

“We are not anti-law enforcement at CAIR, we are pro-law enforcement at CAIR, but we are anti-law enforcement misconduct,” said Walid.


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