Autopsy photos of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah

After almost 5 months of delay, we received 75 photos of the corpse of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah taken by Wayne County Medical Examiner.  One of America’s foremost forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht, M.D., J.D. will be reviewing the photos along with an autopsy to give an independent analysis of the initial autopsy report including his expert opinion about the raw wounds on Abdullah’s face.

Imam handcuffed after being shot 20 times

Imam handcuffed after being shot 20 times by FBI

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  2. These are very graphic photos. If you click the link to read the story about the photos there is no warning that the actual photos (and not just a written description) are what you will see. I think it would be appropriate to either remove the photos especially those showing the face of the Imam, or at a minimum put the photos on a seperate page with a warning about the nature of the photos before you click to go to the page. Also, if you do want to show the facial wounds, a blur like ABCnews used would be more repectful in my opinion.

  3. This is One of the best men that I know . Not only was he my Imam He was my son in law. I know that their is justice in the next LIFE because the people here play by their own rules. YOUR Law’s DON’T apply to the next life. So get yo funky off while you can. However know with sureity the ONE who Witness ALL THINGS IS THE SAME ONE WHO JUDGES YOU KAFIR DOGS, Thank you for giving my Imam Luqman Shahidddd(Allahu- Akbar) Mrs. Siddiq

    • Our laws do however apply to this life and your Imam obviously was not in compliance with those laws. He was involved in criminal activity under the guise of being a religious leader. The pastor of my church does not run guns or assault police officers. Your Imam got what he deserved and so will anyone who follows in his foot steps. Islam is the Devil and you and all the other followers of this evil religion have fooled!

      • Actually, the Imam wasn’t convicted of any of those crimes alleged against him at the time of his death. As an American, you must understand the concept that people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of their peers after they are allowed to confront their accusers and the evidence against them.

        Normally, I don’t allow hateful posts on my blog, but I’d figured that I’d show yours to highlight that no group of people have a monopoly on ignorance and hatred.

      • The United States of America is a country founded on CHRISTIAN principles. If you don’t like that, go back to where ever your beliefs and customs are respected and followed. Americans DO NOT need to change for the likes of you. I find it absolutely ridiculous that anyone comes to this country and actually believes we need to change our ways, not say certain things, etc…. because it offends YOU. How absolutely absurd. Get on the next boat floatin’ to where ever it is that you came from, I assure you NO ONE will miss you.

      • @ Carrie. My family has been in America for over 300 years, and family members of mine and myself have served in every war since the Spanish-American War. This is my country; I’m not going anywhere. Moreover, Muslims have been in America since the first slaves were brought here from West Africa (perhaps brought here by some of your ancestors).

        Now, this country was founded on a number of principles. Christianity did influence the founding fathers. However, many of the founding fathers were also masons. Thomas Jefferson was an agnostic.

        Islam is written on the ceiling of the Library of Congress alongside Greece, Rome and Persian of the civilizations that influenced the founding of America. A depiction of Muhammad is in the main chamber of the US Supreme Court as one of the law-givers that influenced American jurisprudence.

        Go to Capitol Hill and see this for yourself.

      • May Allah reward him for being murdered by racist; the HELL-FIRE awaits!!! @ jesusisaservantofallah, you will be questioned for your bigotry. Your white is right mentality will be exposed on judgement day. Allah knows your deepest secret, and I suspect you have alot of them. I am profiled everyday by racists cops, who are sworn in to protect and serve, yet instead, they are hunting and capturing young Africans daily. I will not let your kind oppress my people anymore. The thing that hinder Africans is christianity! Jesus is not lord, but a servant of the most high, ALLAH!

      • it does not matter if he was a priest, imam, drug dealer or all three, WHY IS HE WEARING HANDCUFFS??? if they could cuff him then there should be no need to shoot him, especially since he obviously was NOT armed, this is not about the charges against him, innocent until proven guilty remember? there is no justice in shooting an unarmed, HANDCUFFED man, and if you are going to let your moronic beliefs cloud your feelings then i feel sorry for you. no matter what your religion is you should feel sadness over this, if you really are a “good christian” arent you supposed to love your neighbor, and your enemy??? this just proves the fact that all religion does is spread hate.

      • Excuse me. jesus is Lord? If you are not Muslim you would not understand. What if they did this to your Pope, the cathloic church is the biggest bunch of crimicals.

      • you christians are so foolish. your laws protect ministers, priest, of homosexual activities, child molestation. they hide the “religious person’ move him from one place to another so they can keep molesting little boys and having homosexual relations with each other. there is NO homo activity in our religion, and the Religious leader does not molest little boys, he has wives so yes our religion and beliefs are what God demands. Go to your own site we do not want fools like you. you are stupid with what you say. how do you know who runs guns. Your goverment of USA provides guns to kids. I hate you people you make me sick……

      • To Jesus is Lord:

        Your slanted, baseless views are unspported by anything other than the propoganda Fox 2 news hooked up to your brain sensors. None of the allegations you mentioned were proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Surely, you recall what that legal requirement means, do you not? And it was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt through the excessive unjustified force that the FBI used in this case. Try shedding some of your own bigotry (Islam is the devil), come down from the pulpit Rush Limbaugh and look deep within your soul to see what’s wrong with your evil views.

      • you are so ignorant. each religion has its blood on its hands… the crusaders and what they claimed to defend…what we are doing in Iraq..what Israel is doing in Palestine…what Brittan is doing in Ireland…shall go on you uneducated fool…If we get out of their business they will leave us alone dumbo….

      • Hello My racist friend such as Jesus is lord and Carrie, You can talk nonsense all you want but at the end of the day You WILL NOT make any difference. America was founded by basically no one and everyone. So if you say America is YOUR need to make a visit to your own country…and that would be (find out where)…

      • “Jesus is lord”, you, like everyone else who believes in a supreme deity, are an idiot.

      • jesus is lord you are an absolute idiot you are the reason for world wars. you don’t know if your thoughts are correct or not, that is what you have been taught. i know there is higher power in this universe & christainity is no more right than islam, when man puts labels on anything, we have issues. right & wrong has been within a man’s soul for millions of years. nobody needed a title to understand that. you religious zealots are destroying true faith. if truly are something it will show for example people say i’m a christian, i’m a jew, I’m muslim, or i’m hindu – if a person truly feels something he or she doesn’t have to say one word. if a child is born on a moutain top oblivious, to this hell, & is raised pure & feels the spirit who’s to say do you & your pastor will get rewarded in death over someone free of impure thoughts. get over yourself you self centered idiot. thats why you are missing your so-called heaven, its here on earth the higher power said you were made in his act like it instead acting like you are a god. no wonder another demon like you invented birth control

      • @Jesus is Lord…. Christians are the most bloodthirsty, violent and racist group in history. I find it ironic that while you claim that Islam is of the Devil, you justify mans laws over your own God’s laws. The problem with your ideas is that they are an offshoot of your racist cultural perspective rather than the teachings of Christ.

        While Christian leaders have sanctioned histories worst atrocities its followers continue to claim that they are somehow a peaceful and humane group while screaming for the death of any one not like them. The words you wrote are in stark contrast to the issue at hand (illegal murder) as you obviously missed the point of the entire article, which the legality of the murder of this man. As usual, Christians only value their own lives, seeing all others as somehow “sub human’ and therefore not worth the same respect.

        I thank Allah for every day that I have been released from the dreaded and oppressive ideals of White America’s most oppressive and racist religious group, because for the most part they display the same lack of compassion, humanity and depth of ignorance as you have expressed by your remarks.

        Christians are not forgiving or peace loving but rather dogmatic and fanatic followers of a religion obsessed with cannibalism (the Eucharist) and the bloody torture of a man they claim to is God in person.

        As for the Imam may Allah bless him for his struggle against the ideas of oppression, racism and discrimination called American Justice. May Allah make him a witness against unbelief and grant him paradise.


    • If our laws, customs, beliefs, actions, religions, lifestyles…. WHATEVER, doesn’t agree with you, GET OUT. Go back to whatever phucking country you came from!! We do NOT have to change our ways for the likes of ANY of you. This is our Country, we sure as hell don’t go to yours and try to impose our beliefs and customs. If it’s so horrific for you here, why the hell are you here? Leave for the love of God, just leave! No one will miss you!

      • @ Carrie

        Carrie, i think you are the most ignorant person on the face of earth. Islam is a true religion, not a race, custom, or culture and it doesn’t belong to any country. Many American Citizens accepted Islam by their own will, they’ve been living there for decades. So, where do they go?….which Country do they have to choose to reside?
        Lets not be ignorant and be sensible, get some research done and see what Islam is about. please don’t hate 🙂

      • @carrie & “Jesus is lord” : nobody said we do want you to change! where did you get that from? seriously? what we are taking about here is a crime against an American citizen, this may occur to priests, rabbi, and any other leaders from different religions.

        You will get frustrated when any of the churches have a crime like that, you will ask the same questions we are asking, and you will fight for your rights.

        Again you are totally missing the point, which means you need to review the basics of America:
        America is a place for all to live together, and understand each other, if you have a yamaka over your head, this does not mean I have to wear it too, all what it means is that I respect your believes and I have no right to tell you to take it off!

      • Carrie, where do you think we come from. I’m from Newark, New Jersey born here in this stinking country where people like you exist. Ignorant, let me see what you do if it was your priest (child molesters) who laid there like this. go to your own sites we don’t need fools like you……

      • @Carrie…..
        “we sure as hell don’t go to yours and try to impose our beliefs and customs”… Really? are you serious? I can provide you with high school textbooks that blow that statement out of the water. Here is a partial list of US military inventions in sovereign countries or with non-military issues: So you sure as hell do impose your beliefs, customs and WEAPONS on many countries…

        You keep saying this thing about “our country” and “go back to your country.”…u seriously going to sit here and argue with points that even my 4 year old knows are not valid? Whose country IS this? and what makes it YOUR country? the fact that you were born here? Cuz many of the nation’s Muslims have been “born” here too…in fact, as Br. Dawud pointed out, many didn’t even WANT to come to “your” country, but you all chained them up and brought them here….

        America was NOT founded on Christian principles. It was founded on Masonic fundamentals, which on the surface, resemble Judeo-Christian principals, but they are not.. so, get your facts straight about YOUR country…

        Also, if you were paying attention, no one was asking you to change any of ur ways, we are just asking where is the adherence to YOUR OWN LAWS — “innocent until proven guilty”..”humane laws”….proper protocal, proper procedure — we are just wondering what happened to the legal system — YOUR legal system, if you’d like — when it came to this can’t pick and choose who you want your laws to apply to among the citizens of the country because that becomes discrimination and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION AMENDMENTS HAVE OUTLAWED THAT…

        if you don’t like what the constitution and laws of this country have allowed for all citizens, including muslims, I suggest YOU go find another country and get out of the late Imam Luqman’s country!

      • I don’t really give a damn who does what, who believes what, who practices what…. to each their own. I care when I’m told I can’t say “Merry Christmas” because it offends people. I care when I read that my tax dollars are being spent for foot washing stations, but my mentioning God is frowned upon. There are way too many things that Christian Americans are supposed to change, so as not to offend someone else. Why is that OK? Why should I have to tolerate someone at the DMV insisting that they keep their face covered when they go for a drivers license, or going thru security at an airport? That’s OK, but me mentioning CHRISTmas isn’t? I don’t have anything negative to say about what anyone believes…. I just don’t appreciate their beliefs being coveted and protected, while I have to watch what I say and do. If that makes me ignorant, so be it.

      • Carrie & Jesus ~ As an American born Christian I must say you two are an embarassment to the country and the faith. This country no more belongs to you than the man on the moon so who are you to tell someone to leave. Islam is a way of life that pre-dates Christianity so for you both to speak as if it is some evil entity is insane. You both should be ashamed of what’s in your hearts…for your Lord and Savior sees ALL. For this man to be beaten and shot while handcuffed is pure insanity! THIS is the American justice system work. I see it all the time against young non-whites in the DC area. I find it funny how the American government is quick to claim someone, some country, or some religion is terroristic…but take a REALLY good HONEST look at America and tell me who the terrorists are?!?!?!?

      • Carrie:

        This is my country. Probably been living in it longer than you have. And guess what: I’M NOT A MUSLIM! Unlike you, however, I have the humanity and compassion to denounce this murder. You refuse to admit it is an act of murder out of your blinded supremacy views, as evident from the haughty comments you made. Try just a little sense of humanity — if it doesn’t hurt that much!

        Aside from the total ignorance and hateful message you provided, it was totally lacking in substance and bankrupt of any intelligence. It’s hard for me to respond to such unintelligent, petulent comments, other than what I have already pointed out to you here. So, please. . . spare us more of the same name calling, slanderous and venom. It is a waste of time and we aren’t here to play the dozens.

      • To Angrie Carrie,
        “America” has gone to other countries and carpet bombed, killed raped, and committed acts of crimes of war on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan to spread there believes and freeDomb. And America supports Israel steal and rape Arab Muslim land and its people. You need to do some fact searching and open your eyes and realize the mass weapons of Deception. UN weapons inspectors never found a single weapon of mass destruction. Our government loves you and the likes of you driven by ignorance and anger! Because they can mis-guide u in any direction they want. Be a citizen and read, and do some research know the truth! Peace & Love to All humanity. no deity except God, the Only ONE, Mohmmed is the messenger of God. He is the greatest man in History.
        The following is from Michael Hart’s book and lists Prophet Muhammad as the most influential man in History. A Citadel Press Book, published by Carol Publishing Group READ !!!

      • Actually Carrie, we do go around from country to country forcing democracy and imorality on the world. I really did not want to comment on this topic when a defenseless human being has been taken from this life by the hedgemonic forces that keep us arguing with eachother about things we cannot change. If you are a true follower of Jesus, than we have something in common and all praise belongs to God. If you want to assassinate the character of this brother for the sake of argument, then we have nothing to base an intelligent discussion on.

      • @ Carrie. Y do u keep saying that we should go back to our country when u all were the ones that brought us here. And u have a habit of contridicting yourself. U are supposed to be Christian? Y the bad language? Y so much hatred? U are a poor example of what true Christianity is. America is a melting pot. Perhaps you should leave if you dont like it. And it was “Christianity” that “blessed” the slave ships. And if you dont go to other countries trying to impose your ways, then what are you doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other country that u start out by “helping” and end up turning it into a freakin take over. Please, go study American Hstory and try to be an actual Christian by following the ways of Jesus. Jesus was not a violent person. He didnt speak words of hatred. He was a reminder to the people about leaving such ways and repenting to God for their sins.

      • Carrie u don’t make any sense u kno that, u sound like u got some personal issues and u just talking crap just to relieve some of it, I’m a need u to just walk, get the steppin’, keep it movin’ because u confused, u don’t kno weather u comin’ or goin’, u’ve been fooled by foolish people who’s intention is to make u just as ignorant as the stuff they’ve taught u and the comments u make.

      • i understand what both are saying but you islams are out of line u claim u are from here raised and born fine but u practice shit we don’t thats fine also but when u involve the rest of the world with ur bullshit it becomes our business i agree that man was done wrong, according to the pics and no answers from the agents shows some type of foul play but that man was the DAMN DEVIL all that worship him go ahead straight to hell where in the bible does it state strap a bomb to your body and kill yourself and everyone around you if u want to do that like carrie said go to that country that condoles that cause we fucking don’t damn we have enough problems without wondering if muslims are going to committ an attack or not. if u don’t like living kill yourself only baby that’s all we r saying

      • Listen to some of lowest forms of tomfoolery. Do you honestly think you r more special n hv a birth right to a place that no one created. The indians were there way beford the Mayflower arrived. Empty vessels makes the loudest noise. I cant believe people talk like this n feel important n superior on top of it all. Go figure. SA has had s bad past but no one here behaves like you from the US. I pitty the minority faiths that live there amongst wolves.

    • Subhannallah, I didn’t know the Imam but I attended the funeral and so many loved him. I discovered that even the non-Muslims cared so much about the Imam. The sun was shining so bright in the sky when the funeral cars pulled up with the Imam’s body to the burial site. Before the Imam got to the burial site it was just rows of clouds in the sky but when the funeral car pulled up the clouds seperated in the sky and the sun came from behind the clouds so bright which was a sign from Allah that no man could touch. The Muslims lined up on both sides and made an pathway in which they carried the Imam’s casket in the air all the way to where he would be buried and everyone there was shouting “Allahu Akbar” which in arabic means that Allah (G-d) is the Greatest and Allah truly is the Greatest, and when the Imam was brought to the center of the crowd and they opened his casket to bury him it was the strongest smell of Uhd (Cologne, Oil that was the Prophet Muhammad (sws) favorite scent) u had ever smelled that filled the air Subhannallah, and I’ve been told by my husband that the strongest smell of Uhd he had smelled had only been when visiting the graves of the Anbiya (Prophets) of Allah (PBUT). The Imam’s Jannazzah was the second Janazzah I’ve been to in my entire life of being Muslim for only 2and 1/2 years now (I’m 21 yrs.) and it was outstanding how the Muslims conducted themselves and represented Islam, Subhannalah I am so happy for the Imam because his soul is in the heart of the green bird of Paradise (Heaven) being provided with substanence from Allah ta’ ala, Ye Allah. The Imam has a smile on his face Mashallah, because he’s laughing at these Kaffirs, the shahid is not dead because the shahid is alive in Paradise in the hearts of green birds. The one’s that have the blood of the shahid on their hands have it coming when they meet Allah. May Allah curse them everyday of their lives so much so that they can’t sleep and that the curse be so heavy and so tretorous that they lose their minds and wish they were dead Inshallah, may they be cursed and punished by Allah in this life and in the Hereafter forever Inshallah Ameen.

      • Mashallah Aaa~Meenah, that was a very beautiful discriptive of the funeral of th Imam Luqman. I wish that I have attended his funeral, but reading your note nade mem visualize the event and may he rest in peace, he’s a shahid inshallah.

    • He’s not a dead guy, his name is Imam luqman and he’s the leader of the community and u don’t just make no comment like that, ur comment has no benefit in it therefore it it not needed. Nobody cares that u’ve seen worse, doesn’t look bad at all. do u see the smile on his face. that’s becasue he’s happy, now how many people do u see smiling?

  4. Is it because he is muslim that everyone rushed to display it to the world? I think it’spictures like these that help desensitize the society and equates the muslim population to that of beasts. Im a muslim and nothing pisses me off more than seeing the picture of a dead human. Islam prohibits the display of the dead. srsly I think we as muslims need to wake up and find some dignity. Only when we dignify our dead and show them respect, can we as the living appreciate the gift of life that Allah SWT gave us. So ok, u displayed this picture. wat did u gain? wat exactly did u gain?

    • @ Khatera It’s called raising awareness and exposing the truth of an injustice that happened and the unjust murder of a local Imam that was beloved by many!

  5. Im all for every one having their own faith and what not but this guy should have watched his mouth looks like he got what all the jihad pushing pricks deserve way to go on that one cops.

  6. @Khatera – Please provide the ayah and the hadeeth saheeh which states that showing a picture of a deceased person is forbidden.

    And if you can provide such (which does not exist), then also give the legal reasoning from a scholar why one cannot show a picture of a deceased purpose for the cause of bringing awareness to a possible injustice.

    Allahumma hdeek

    • As-Salaamu Alaykum.

      Brother Dawud,may I suggest you start moderating these comments? Quite a few of them have been posted by the typical Christian and atheist trash that troll Islamic sites. The former always rant about how Muslims must accept their shirk, and the latter whine about how they think Islam is stupid. It simply gets annoying and in no way contributes to the discussion.

      Just my thoughts.

  7. The people using Jesus’s name to spew hate are not Christian and do not speak for Jesus. The Catholic Church was created after Jesus died and He would not have anything to do with this church if He were here today. The Church age is over now because of all the pedophelia, gambling, money & power grab, people will wacky ideals etc… Then there was the Inquisition which tortured Jews and other “non-believers” and forced them to be Christians. Spin that all you “Church Age” supporters. You live in a glass Church and you’re throwing stones at Islam?
    You people spewing hate in Jesus’s name will not be saved. Hopefully not anyway….
    Jesus is peace, love and tolerance. Not that noise…..

    • Personally I think ALL organized religions are a sham. I believe there is a “Being” greater than all of us who will one day judge us all for our actions in life. I personally know this being as God. Other religions call Him by other names. All the books written that the world’s population base their faiths on are nothing more than a history book. History books are most definatly NOT unbiased and 100% accurate. They were written by people and contain accounts of what they THINK happened or what they WANTED to happen, and even added parts that they thought should be in it or ommit parts they didnt like. I cant see a higher being teaching us to go out an kill people who believe different than we do just because we feel they are wrong. Everyone believes their religion is right and all others are wrong because that is what some person who told you they were chosen special by their particual God want you to believe because they gain power for themselves through your blind faith. Think for your selves people and stop judging others just on the fact that they believe different from you!!! Fighting and nasty comments arnt going to get any of us to the places we want to be when the here after comes and it would be a shame to find out the hard way that you’re going to spend an eternity paying for someone elses crimes against you because you were too darn thicked sculled to open your eyes and think and make decisions for yourself!

      • Jesus was a Muslim-One who submits to the will of Allah/God. He was a believer. He believed in One God. He did not claim to be God or part of God. This is what men have attributed to him. Some of his statements of worshipping “the Lord in Heaven” remain in the Bible.
        All else aside, those who believe in God and live a life fearing the day when they will return to Him know, that this man was murdered for no more than his belief in God. He lived the life of the rightous. He lived amongst the poor, he was poor himself. Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, Malcom X, and many other rightous men and women left this earth owning few possessions. This is the life of the believer in God. So whatever you claim to profess, look to your actions. Christians, are you Chirst like? Muslims, do you adhere to the ways of Prophet Muhammad? It is what we do, not what we profess in the end.

    • God Guide you for speaking the Truth! jesus is our prophet and messenger of God Just like the prophet Mohmmed Peace and God’s blessing be upon them and all the messengers and prophets of God. From Adam to Mohammed Peace and blessings be upon them All. None ever preached of violence or hate! God is Great !

    • To all Humanity and those who Believe!!! Are you A MUSLIM ! ?
      God Guide you and fix your affairs, for speaking the Truth! Jesus is our prophet and messenger of God Just like the prophet Mohmmed, Peace and God’s blessings be upon them, and all the messengers and prophets of God. From Adam to Mohammed Peace and blessings be upon them All. None ever preached of violence or hate! God is Great ! Islam is the true Peace serenity and truth.
      Islam! is only six simple beliefs =
      1. Belive in God,
      the One the Only, the creator, the Source of Peace, The compassionate, the For-giving, the merciful, the Guide, the light, the Giver, ….
      2. To believe in all the Prophets and messengers of God,
      From Adam…,Abraham,… Noah…, Lut…, Moses, Jesus to Mohmmed Peace and blessings be upon them. 1000’s of messengers the Message
      No deity except God ! Worship God alone! repent and return to God!
      3.To believe in the Books… 1.Torah, 2.Zaboor, 3.Al Ingel (Gospel), and 4.Quran.
      4.To belive in the day of res-reaction/ Judgment Day!
      5. Believe in the Angels
      6. Believe in divine decree
      Are You a Muslim?

      • thats does not make u a damn muslim thats makes u a believer in God Jesus father where do yall get this from believe what u want but stop trying to convience muthafuckers that muslim is the only route dumb ass

  8. I have the up most respect for all human life…The one thing that puzzles me is why religion is such a touchy subject for all of us.I truly believe that God is for everyone…with all due respect to whatever form of religion quenchs your spiritual thrist….I was raised to believe that there is only one God!!!No matter what u choose to label him as…all of this hatered and foul language is so unneccesary.The law enforcement agency that took the Imam’s life does not have a heaven or hell to place him in……no human being has that power.On his day of judgement we can’t answer for the Imam….we can only answer for ourselves!!! PEACE!!!!!!!!

  9. I have to say this, good riddance! He was involved in illegal activity and got what he deserved. The police need to start doing this to more people, all races and religions included. Organized religion is nothing but a crutch for weak minded followers to listen to someone who believes they are the messenger of a higher power. If more people would start being leaders and not followers the world would be a better place. If you believe the far fetched stories from any religious books you are a fool! Besides, any fool who believes they should live by the writings of people from thousands of years ago is as out of touch with reality as someone who take halluciniginic drugs daily. Get a life people, live your won life, be a leader, not a follower, religion preys on your stupidity and your pocketbook!

  10. First I would just want to say that these photos are TOO graphic and that a blur over the Imam’s face should be used. But his death or should I say MURDER by the FBI was a conspiracy… how can a man who is being attack and bitten about the face not defend himself; if he had a gun or not he was only acting in self-defense of his own life if he did in fact shoot at the dog. This was a clear case of overkill. The FBI wanted a reason to kill this Imam. I believe during the dog attack the Imam was warning the FBI agents to get the dog off or he was going to defend himself; they refused to acknowledge him and when he did or did not pull a weapon out they engaged him in gunfire. The true is plain to see. The FBI abused their authority and fired on an unarmed man.

  11. The reason he is handcuffed is that it is standard proceedure to handcuff suspects even after they have been shot.

  12. For the poster who commented on the handcuffs. The “religious” Imam, who moonlighted as a thief, was handcuffed after he was shot. Standard procedure to insure that a violent, downed suspect is unable to pull another weapon, or resist in any way, while the area is secured and the situation accessed. Had he still had a pulse, medical assistance and transport would have been arranged. Obviously, in this case it was not necessary.

    In some ways you could argue that justice was served efficiently with his death. On the other hand a good old-fashioned trial, conviction and incarceration would serve to expose this fraud for what he was, nothing more than a common criminal, Islam aside. No martyr here no matter what CAIR, or Mr. Dawud Walid try to make of it.

    In my observations, I see much more killing amongst so-called Muslim brothers than from outsiders. However, poke a hornets nest and you will get stung.

    • Trained To Kill:

      I’ll take a chance and bet you are law enforcement from the substance of your reply. You can hide behind your keyboard all you want to defend the actions of law enforcement in this matter to your heart’s content. But the fact of the matter is the half-truths, lies and innuendoes we’ve been told are enough to lead and objective person to conclude this entire incident was a trap from the word, “Go.” Putting aside the fact that the imam was handcuffed, there are other more disturbing FACTS the autopsy photos show which refute what the FBI and the police have said so far. The man was not just shot is my point. He was tortured — which hardly accounts for a case of justified force!

      What you call moonlighting on the imam’s behalf seems to me to have been an entrapment. I will not go into any details on this point. Suffice it to say, however, that in the end, the gun-ho gestapo actions of the officers involved will be revealed not on this blog in which you can spill more blood with your brand of justice, but in a court of law in this so-called great nation of ours. Surely, if we can’t agree on anything else, we can agree that those remaining defendants are entitled to the presumption of innocence, correct? Or are they too guilty in your view? Never mind. . .

  13. As for the handcuffs, police are trained to handcuff any person that they deem a threat – even after they have been shot. Additionally even though the US constitution guarantees the assumtion of innocence. That is left to a court to decide. If the police and FBI were acting in good faith, which it sounds like they were considering his reputation, then I personally have no issue with the outcome. However, if there is a concern about conspiracy or negligence then of course investigate it.
    I have yet to hear any credible evidence that the fbi or police acted improperly. Another point is if you are a lawman and hear shots coming from a person you are trying to apprehend, then you have the right AND the responsibility to shoot back. How were they to know if he was shooting a dog or a prisoner or a cop.
    Lastly, the christians do not have a monopoly on criminal clergy and one should never assume that any one religion is better than another. Perhaps if we all let each other live in peace then there would be a real change in the world. Sadly fanatics from all sides make that near impossible.

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  15. Allah yerhamu. May Allah (swt) grant him the best place in Jannatul Ferdous. To all the Muslimeen – Keep in mind that people can say and think what they want. That doesn’t change the truth. Unless we get a hold of the surveillance tape from the night at the warehouse, we cannot determine who was at fault. We can believe what we want, but it doesn’t help to sit here and argue with people that are set in stone about what they think happened that night. All we can really do is make dua for this giving man & yes he was extremely giving. He fed & sheltered the poor. People all over the world knew of him for his generosity. It’s absurd to believe that a man with such a golden heart could be affiliated with terrorism. That makes no sense at all. Essentially, all we can do is make dua, not only for him but for other Muslims & most importantly for ourselves. In the end, it is Allah that we will be facing and it is Allah who will be judging us. No one else.

  16. In all fairness a little more context should be provided – it is unfair to cast this as a case of the police murdering a man over his religion.

    Why were the police there?
    Did he fire upon them?

    Bottom line is he was shot because he was holding a weapon and refused to comply with officers’ orders. Numerous arrests were made in connection to this man and it is not entirely unreasonable that the officers were there legitimately to investigate or make an arrest. Had he not pulled a gun, he would still be alive (just like all of the other men who were arrested)

    To the individuals who seem to think that a priest or rabbi can get away with firing at an officer….. get real.

    Finally, it is notable that the imam’s mother in law had this to say:

    Not for nothing, but kind of ironic to hear a complaint about racism when one of the first comments talks about kafir dogs.

    • Okay, James:

      You asked for a little more content — you’ve got it. The FACT of the matter is — as undeniable proofs in the photos and in reports that have already been provided to the family — is that the imam was HANDCUFFED. The handcuffing is what you and the your students of hate continue to ignore. Kind of hard to shoot at anyone while you are handcuffed, isn’t it? Why was the man’s leg broken? That dog didn’t break it! Yes. Again, you wanted context? You keep harping the iman fired on the officers. Because that’s what the FBI and Dearborn Police say. Of course! What else are they going to say? Seems to me the only context you have are the lies that you have heard in the meda and from the police. But again, facts. It’s the facts that get to people. Nuff said.

      • so by u knowing him u know the facts which are he was the devil’s helper and he is gone to meet his maker now if the agents were wrong they will pay for there actions one way or another but thats not up to the muslims to decide thats up to God almighty.

      • How is calling non-Muslims “kafir” racist? It means “one who covers the truth” in Arabic and refers to non-Muslims. Perhaps you are confusing it with a similar sounding English racial slur that is in no way etymologically related?

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  18. I’ve been sitting here reading thur all the posts on this site, and I’ve come to several conclusions. First, Carrie, you are one IGNORANT uneducated racist redneck bi$ch!!!! I just had to get that off my chest.
    I was raised staunch Catholic, you know, the church of the almighty dollar. I backed away from organized religion a long time ago because I was able to recognize that they are all pretty much the same at the core. We’re better that you, ours is the one true god, give us more money and we will prove it. Give us enough money and we will guarantee an spot in heaven. Give us your life, and with that spot you will get 72 virgins. WHAT A CROCK OF RUNNIE BUZZARD POOP WITH CORN IN IT!!!!
    Now I didn’t know the Imam, never met the man or any of his followers. I did see the news of the, ummm, bust, attempted arrest, killing, murder. I don’t know what happened, I wasn’t there. I can say from from personal experience that in my opinion the cops were probably for a reason, what I don’t know. I don’t think the man was 100% innocent. I also think they killed him, unarmed or not, they gunned him down!!! They did it to prove a point, and to show their power.
    As has been mentioned INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY BY A JURY OF YOUR PEERS. Sometimes its not so popular, we think they should be sent right to prison, or “gunned down”. But in this country, in these United States of America, it was his right!!

  19. The problem IS religion. Jesus Christ taught against religion. Religion imposes and mandates and is compulsive. Paul in the New Testament taught the Mystery given by Christ Himself that you are saved by only believing in the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus. Taking his sacrifice of Himself as our payment for sin and our salvation from hell is all you need to go to heaven. No religion ever saved anyone. I believe in a risen Savior that was seen by over 500 people after his resurrection. Religion is all about worshiping the flesh and some “church”. Jesus Christ teaches you are free from all that. I see Muslim, Catholics, SDA, Protestants are all the same: sinners that can be saved by grace alone, not by works. I love everyone but hate religion.

    • WOW!!! For the the first time someone said out loud what I have been feeling for years! Thank you sir! When I turned away from the churches years ago they piled on the guilt, and I realized as long as I was a good man and good with god. Done right by my family and others, I would be good to go when my time came.
      Man has been killing man with the help of churches and the excuse of religion and god since the start of time. When will we learn

  20. Two notes for commenters:

    1) No more comments calling people names such as kuffar or pig feces will be allowed to be allowed on this blog comment section.

    2) Imam Luqman Abdullah was born and raised in America, not Nigeria, and was a veteran of the US military. Comments such like he should have gone back to where he came from are not only boorish but just flat out ignorant.

  21. Asalam mu Alaykum

    Who ever is moderating this website.
    Please remove the pictures of the Imam
    Brother though past away has rights over us
    and Islamically it is inappropriate to take pictures of the Dead

    jazak Allah Khairun

    Ur Bro
    A. Mahfooz

    • Sorry, but we’ve been given legal permission by a family representative and also a son to have given the pictures to the media and circulate them.

      What is your daleel that posting these pictures aren’t appropriate Islamically?

      With all due respect, be very careful of saying that something is un-Islamic without having very sound proof. At best if you have a scholar’s opinion that says this this isn’t permissible, then you should know that there are scholars that have said otherwise thus you should represent differences of opinion. Iktilaaful fuqahaa is an important thing to respect.

      I’ve never read a fatwa from a mujtahid or mufti that says showing a picture of a dead person (especially for the purposes of raising awareness about a possible injustice that isn’t showing ‘awrah) is haraam.

      Allahumma hdeek

      • the imam was like a farther to me.I know everybody says that but, I miss him evevn as I write this note.WHY ISN’T THE FBI LOCKED UP, DESERVE SOME TYPE OF PUNISHMENT.

  22. This guy had all kinds of weapons. What is a man of god doing with all those guns? I dont remember all of the details, but possible even a weapons conviction. Law enforcement was well within their rights.

  23. It’s very true that the overwhelming majority of us who are reading and writing on this blog weren’t present when this shooting take place. However, the issue isn’t whether we were there or not. One fact we know for sure is: The FBI and other law enforcements agencies in this country have a long history of beating, shooting, fabricating lies against innocent people, incarcerating, and murdering people who shouldn’t have treated in such a manner. This fact is unquestionable. Consequently, the circumstances surrounding Imam Luqman’s death should be investigated by an independent body, capable of seeking the truth, and courageous enough to report its findings in an indiscriminate, accurate, forthright manner. If it’s proven that FBI officers violated the sanctity of human life and broke American law, as they have done on many, many occasions, they should be held responsible. If it’s proven that they didn’t violate the law by taking an innocent person’s life, they should be exonerated. No matter what allegations law enforcement officials had against Imam Luqman, that doesn’t give them the right to shoot and murder a person in cold blood. Again, an independent, honest, and accurate investigation is greatly needed in this case. Let the chips fall where they may. And may Allah Almighty protect the Muslim community in this country and throughout the world who are being held wholesale held “under seige” by radical forces who are hostile towards Islam and its pristine teachings.

  24. I think people need to stop using RELIGION as an EXCUSE.


    How many years will it take before everyone realizes the the world revolves around MATTER & EVOLUTION.. and there is no HIGHER BEING who created life, and there is no REWARD at the end of this LIFE. No heaven, no hell, no oasis..

    And when EVERYONE stops FIGHTING & KILLING each other because one brother doesn’t agree with another brother… HOW PEACEFUL THIS WORLD WILL BE.

    We are all HERE TOGETHER… to CO EXIST.

    • Atheism is a religion, it’s simply not faith based, and I think that Joseph Stalin would agree with you, but I wouldn’t agree with either of you. The most bloodshed of human history has taken place outside of faith based religious laws that is the last 100 years. I can’t blaim it on Muhammad (pbuh), and I can’t blame it on Jesus (pbuh), but I can blame it on ignorant people who have no fear of God. With regard evoloution, even Darwin couldn’t explain the Cambrian Explosion, and how certain species have no fossil record. What you and I need is to reevaluate our relationship with God, and revive that relationship, and recognize that extremists to the right, and criminals to the left will always exist we just have to stay in the middle.

    • shot before being cuffed they said the dog tried to attack him he shot the dog off of him and the agents killed him

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  26. As salaam alaikum to my Muslim brothers and sisters, and peace and guidance to us all. I have noticed something that bothers me about the release of the autopsy photos, and that is that the associated press claims that their reasoning for not releasing the images is because of the “graphic nature”, of the photos yet the same associated press released the equally graphic images of Zarqawi who was accused of masterminding the attacks in Jordan, and the associated press also released the graphic images of Saddam Hussein’s sons. As far as what I gather from the autopsy report, and images. It appears that the Imam has puncture wounds to the face which appear to come from the dog attack, he also had lacerations to the hands. This does not sound like a dog that was shot, but a dog attack. Also Being shot 20 times is excessive considering that he had an entrance wound to the back, I doubt that he would have got up after taking entrance wounds to the front. There is no way anyone can justify this, as even the President of the U.S. doesn’t have the authority to authorize this against a U.S citizen, and we all should be worried about whose next, and whose in charge.

  27. Quit bickering and fighting over your respective religions.. one is as false as the other. Wake up and smell the real world. Quit believing in illusions made up by ancient stone age men. Religion and god alike are man made entities. Just like Santa and Zeus. Muhammed, jesus, buddha, chrishna, or whatever the fairly tale deity you choose to believe in has nothing to do with what happened to this man. I couldn’t care less what religion he espoused.. one doesn’t get raided by FBI for being a peaceful law-abiding citizen. I grant you the FBI agents may have mishandled this particular case, but in general, it’s not like this guy was selling flower pots on Sundays. And besides, why not rejoice after all according to your religious tenants and teachings this dude is living it up with the virgins upstairs! Weeee

  28. lol… Jesus is gonna kick his goofy azz straight to hell. Black people… are so ignorant. If you’re going to rebel against the white devils by turning from Jesus, then at least go worship your monkey gods you had before we chained you up and dragged you here to work. lmfao. too funny.

  29. Anyone who believes in religion is a joke. Seriously go to a natural history museum and take a look at the evidence of evolution. There is no God. Religion is the problem in all societies. We need morals yes, like stop killing each other for a made up diety, and dont steal etc, but these are what we can decide for ourselves, do you really need a book to tell you what is right and wrong?
    Explain DINOSAURS, did your Gods put the bones here to test us?
    Explain how the Earth is older than any religious tripe book states it is?
    Justify a God that would think it is moral that people blow themselves up, and then get called matars.
    There is nothing after death, just like there was nothing before you were born….

  30. As Salaamu Alaykum,
    I am a Caucasian American convert to Islam. I have been Muslim for 3 years. I have a Caucasian convert wife, and we are raising our 3 year old daughter in an Islamic fashion.I want to admonish you brothers and sisters for the way you are behaving towards the disbelievers.As Muslims we have an obligation and a responsibility to not use assaultive language to even our worse enemies. We should let them be offensive if they like but show kindness in return.Otherwise we become like them.Islam has abolished all racism, and I am very disturbed to see comments directed towards whites. You do know there are white Muslims right? There are even white Muslim countries. So stop trying to play the blame game. As Muslims we get upset when we are singled out as a group to be held responsible for acts that our misguided brothers commit in the name of Islam. I almost left this Din during my first Ramadan when some 5 percenters were treated as though they were Muslim by a Sunni brother that I respected dearly. It took some prayer and thought to realize that Islam is different from the behavior of Muslims. So I want to tell all of my African American brothers and sisters that I love them for the sake of Allah(SWT) but I hate the Black Nationalist baggage some of them bring with them to Islam for the sake of Allah(SWT).Understand this, when you make transgressions against humanity due to creed or color you are way outside this Din. As Muslims we are being attacked from all sides, and the Shaytaan is what is behind this racial division.So I beg you for the sake of Allah(SWT) to take a good hard look at who YOU are as an individual, and ask what benefit you bring to the Ummah. Or are you just undermining the good that Islam has to offer society by using it as a vehicle to further a Black Nationalist viewpoint? Know this, Allah(SWT) will NEVER accept your worship of Him(SWT) if you secretly harbor hatred for His(SWT) creation in your heart. Our beloved Prophet(SAAW) brought the message of Allah(SWT) as a salvation, and a Din to call others to. It is our obligation as Muslims to call others to this Din, and Allah(SWT) gave us this Din as a blessing for ALL mankind. That being said as human beings we all have or at least percieve being wronged by someone. I am not trying to minimize the suffering that anyones ancestors may have endured. I honestly cannot tell you if my family owned slaves or mistreated black folks. I am from the south so It stands to reason that it was a real possibility. I cannot make what they did or didn’t do go away. But I can tell you this my family is very poor. We live in America this Ramadan as Muslims with no running water, no refrigeration, and very little air conditioning. Our vehicle has problems, we need clothes, and tools of trade in order to simply make it. So understand Allah(SWT) has decreed suffering on some of us, but we must be satisfied with that decree or we are not true believers. Alhamdulillah, if I have opened the heart of only one of my brothers and sisters.For those of you who still adhere to the belief that race is what makes the difference between us and that I can’t understand because I am just some cracker that has never been opressed and they can read this and simply cast my pleas aside, know that Allah(SWT) will punish you with a certain torment unless you repent and change your ways. Allah(SWT) knows best.

  31. You can believe in whatever you wish; but to all of you who say this nation was built on Christian principles by the so-called “founding fathers” this IS NOT a valid assertion and it merely shows how unlearned you are.

    “This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it!”— John Adams

    “The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.”–Thomas Jefferson

    “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of.. Each of these churches accuse the other of unbelief; and for my own part, I disbelieve them all”— Thomas Paine

    The Treaty of Tripoli passed by the U.S. Senate in 1797: “The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”

  32. I Shot the imam,

    I shot the imam,

    But I didnt shoot no old mufti, oh no! oh!
    I shot the imam
    But I didnt shoot no old mufti, ooh, ooh, oo-ooh.)
    Yeah! all around in my home town,
    Theyre tryin to track me down;
    They say they want to bring me in guilty
    For the killing of an old mufti,
    For the life of and old mufti.
    But I say:

    Oh, now, now. oh!
    (I shot the imam.) – the imam.
    (but I swear it was in self-defence.)
    Oh, no! (ooh, ooh, oo-oh) yeah!
    I say: I shot the imam – oh, lord! –
    (and they say it is a capital offence.)
    Yeah! (ooh, ooh, oo-oh) yeah!

    Imam in Carsamba always hated me,
    For what, I dont know:
    Every time I plant a seed,
    He said kill it before it grow –
    He said kill them before they grow.
    And so:

    Read it in the news:
    (I shot the imam.) oh, lord!
    (but I swear it was in self-defence.)
    Where was the old mufti ? (oo-oo-oh)
    I say: I shot the imam,
    But I swear it was in selfdefence. (oo-oh) yeah!

    Freedom came my way one day
    And I started out of town, yeah!
    All of a sudden I saw imam not alone
    Aiming to shoot me down,
    So I shot – I shot – I shot him down and I say:
    If I am guilty I will pay.

    (I shot the imam,)
    But I say (but I didnt shoot no old mufti),
    I didnt shoot no old mufti(oh, no-oh), oh no!
    (I shot the imam.) i did!
    But I didnt shoot no ol’ mufti. oh! (oo-oo-ooh)

    Reflexes had got the better of me
    And what is to be must be:
    Every day the bucket a-go a well,
    One day the bottom a-go drop out,
    One day the bottom a-go drop out.
    I say:

    I – I – I – I shot the imam.
    Lord, I didnt shot the old mufti. yeah!
    I – I (shot the imam) –
    But I didnt shoot no old mufti, yeah! no, yeah!

  33. This should without doubt outrage every American.
    What should outrage us even more is that this murder was sanctioned by the US President Barack Obama.
    He is as guilty of this coldblooded murder as much as those who pulled the triggers.
    Less we forget, it is Obama that has seized the unjust power to assassinate whom ever he chooses. Be they foreign or citizen, abroad or upon American soil. All that is required is for one of his Assassin’s to claim they are a terrorist threat. They are not required to even present proof before or after.
    This is but the first of many murders this evil man intends to see committed. He cares nothing of your faith, for he worships but one god, SATAN!

  34. I am sorry to get into this conversation so randomly. I saw this while I was browsing a newslink that concerned the Imam.

    I think it should be said that Americans must accept that Islam has become an idigenous religion. That means that since our country started Muslims have lived here, and have just as equal a share in our country as everyone.
    A desire for unification of all people and deep respect for ancient traditions is all it takes to find peace among anyone of different faiths.

    As God said…
    ل رسول الله-صلى الله عليه وسلم-: «الناس سواسية كأسنان المشط لا فضل لعربي على اعجمي إلا بالتقوى»
    “All people are as equal as the teeth of a comb,There is no virtue (nothing better or superior) to an Arab over a non-Arab nor white over colored except by the fear Of God”

    Now, if this man had been my brother, or father or good friend. If I had to look at these horrible photos, it would leave me with no doubt in my mind how crooked and evil the government had acted.
    It creates a system that encourages division, it is flawed.

    I don’t know the Imam personally, but I would hope that any follower of God can find communion with another.

    I wish your families peace and strength in this difficult process.

    Bob Ferguson

  35. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum WR, may Allah reward you for all of your hardwork. Wallah! I just stumbled upon these pictures just now from google (I now I’m late). I heard about some photos previously and mentioned my opposition about them being displayed but I was made to see the rationale by yourself and others but now I am certain these photos are not serving any purpose but emotional anxiety for those who knew and loved Imam Luqman and those who have bought into the super-charged political atmosphere. So I am “commenting” hoping to gain more support this way. Even from a therapuetic standpoint this is not healthy. And let’s not forget those sick persons that are allowed to find joy in the Imam’s horrific state and post hateful comments because they are being given the platform and opportunity by these photos. As Muslims we are not supposed to intentionally make a spectical of oureselves or our deceased. Islamically, I doubt that this is an exception. These photos are not being displayed for medical purposes or even trial evidence. THIS IS NOT ATTACK AGAINST YOU. But a firm, sincere plea yes. Hightened emotional anxiety begets irrational fear and sometimes hate. Let’s not feed this any longer! Let us never forget but let us heal in modernity. Once again, I know your intentions are good. But its time to take them down! Anyone who really knew him (I think)would know he would not like for himself, or anyone he loved, to be paraded like this. Its time to heal from this trauma but never forget. Fire is a great benefit to man if well-managed but if its source of fuel is mismanaged it could have a traumatizing effect on him.

  36. Salamun ‘alaykum wa rahmahtullah

    I am inspired, truly inspired. The way he lived, the way he was with his family, the way he took in the homeless and fed them. This imaam has deeply touched me with his character and I would like to request his students to contact me, speak with me, if possible teach me, send me videos via the internet etc.

    A true living example of how the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam lived. I have two children I need to educate, and seeing the Imaam with his ten children has really made me sit down daily with my children and teach the little I know.

    Wa alaykum as-Salaam, from the UK

    May Allah raise the rank of the Imaam. Always remembered as the hero he was.

  37. Note to those who say “leave America”… I find it ironic that people who came to this country and stole it from the native inhabitants would have the gall to tell anyone to leave. Even more ironic is that these same voices and others like them support various wars of aggression throughout the world while claiming to be democratic peace loving people.

    While I hate to single out any particular race certainly most of these people are White as only White people feel privileged enough to assume that somehow America is theirs and theirs alone. This is an old idea which pervades White culture an religion blinding them to the reality that they are worse than the Nazi’s, as even the Nazi’s admitted to being racists.

    I feel sorry for White people as they live in a world where they see everyone and every thing different from them as a threat, when in reality they are the main threat to freedom and peace throughout the world. As they see their own survival as paramount to the existence and well being of everyone and everything on the planet.

    I say to each and every person reading this: Submit to Allah, follow his Prophet, uphold justice as described in your laws and stop destroying the Life that Allah has made sacred.

  38. I agree with Carrie. If YOU don’t like it here- leave. muslims want to kill all of us American’s & take over our country to ruin it. Go to Dearborn, Mi. sometime & it’s all over the place there. Lock & load people of America! Proud muslim- kiss my ass- I’m a proud American & YOU are going to except it like or not!

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