Get all the facts out on imam’s death


Get all the facts out on imam’s death

Graphic autopsy photos of the lacerated and bullet-ridden body of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah were released Wednesday, stoking more suspicions — warranted or not — about how the Detroit Muslim leader died.

At the same time, recent media reports have also detailed a 1980 incident in which Abdullah tried to take a Livonia police officer’s gun, telling him, “It’ll either be you or me.”

To be sure, the two bits of information don’t have equal relevance to the questions that remain about Abdullah’s death. But either piece of information, without the full story about how and why Abdullah was shot to death by FBI agents last fall, contributes to an air of distrust and speculation that won’t serve this community well.

Which puts increased pressure on Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad to wrap up his department’s investigation, and let all the facts speak for themselves.

Efforts to manage community sentiments by withholding information always fail — and often backfire. With many lingering questions about how Abdullah died, Abdullah has become a national and even international figure — and, in some circles, a martyr. Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies have lost credibility with many of the Muslim-American groups they are trying to build relationships with in the post-9/11 era.

“This isn’t going to go away until there are answers,” said Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations — Michigan, which has also requested that the FBI turn over any video surveillance of the shooting. (An FBI spokesperson would not confirm or deny whether the agency had such evidence.)

Federal authorities have said Abdullah led a radical Sunni Islam group and had encouraged his members to commit violence against government officials. FBI agents said they shot Abdullah during an Oct. 28 raid after he shot an FBI dog.

News stories on Wednesday also reported that Abdullah served 26 days in jail in 1981, after assaulting a Livonia police officer who’d confronted him during a traffic stop.

The NAACP has joined a group called Muslim Advocates in asking U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to review the shooting and events leading up to it, including the use of informants at Abdullah’s mosque. That remains a good idea.

But transparency is needed, one way or another, to restore public confidence.

Dearborn’s prolonged investigation only fuels skepticism and erodes the credibility of law enforcement. In late December and again in February and March, Haddad, who was away Wednesday and unavailable for comment, stated the investigation should finish in a few weeks.

Earlier, Haddad had persuaded Wayne County to delay the release of Abdullah’s autopsy report, which detailed 21 gunshot wounds, a broken jaw and teeth.

By now, it should be clear to the chief that the best way to dispel excessive suspicion and skepticism is to deliver the results of the investigation he said he would finish months ago.


3 thoughts on “Get all the facts out on imam’s death

  1. mr. walid,

    the past incident with livonia police is relevant and shows a history of resistive and assaultive behavior against authority figures. he was found guilty and served his time accordingly.

    he was found to have fired several rounds at the feds while engaged in illegal acts. the feds, armed with semi-automatic sub-machine guns, which fire approx 800 rounds/minute. that’s 13+ rounds a second. there were multiple officers that fired, which would easily put 21 rounds in the air in less than one second. this is how they are trained…to win. he fired upon highly trained, firearms experts and lost. i’m sorry, but he rolled the dice and wanted to go out in a moment of glory and they did what they’re trained to do. simply put…you don’t fire on the feds and expect them to sit around and wait for you to stop.

    dearborn’s investigation will take months, maybe even over a year. all rounds/shell casings must be tested and compared. this takes a lot of time. i’d suggest that you be happy that a thorough investigation be done, rather than a rushed one. unfortunately, he’s deceased…so, why chance a rushed investigation.

    points i agree with you on…i do agree that the investigation needs to be transparent. however, those in the muslim community that supported him need to have an open mind that mr. abdullah may have really screwed up and caused his own demise. this takes radical thinking and puts muslim’s in an uncomfortable position to agree with the government, but if one calls themselves truly non-biased, then they have no choice should the investigation prove said point. secondly, i think a question should be raised as to when mr. abdullah received medical attention. photographs of him in handcuffs leads me to believe that ems personnel weren’t called immediately. it begs the question, how did they obtain photographs in the few minutes while awaiting ems personnel. were they even called or did the fed swat members make the call. either way, ems should have been requested immediately.

    see…i’ve got an open mind. i don’t rush judgement. i challenge you and those that believe that there’s a conspiracy around every corner to do the same. also, if your forum is truly open to comment, i ask that you post mine.

    a non-muslim

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  3. I would have questions about the prior arrest, without pulling the reports and reading the original materials associated with it and the claims of both sides, because those are often fabricated. There is a cliche, faked scenario police commonly roll out on traffic stops where they are looking for someone to mess up and use the traffic stop to start something. Then they write a fake report.

    I don’t know this Imam or this case. I don’t like a lot of what is happening in the prisons with recruitment to radical jihad. I don’t like hate groups, no matter what color they are, whether NBP, Nation of Islam, or KKK, or radical islamists. I just know very well the process of law enforcement in this country, its problems and several practices that are ubuquitous. The credibility of law enforcement is not very high, due to their own lack of integrity and honesty, unfortunately.

    Each case is different, and has to be studied individually. It is very hard work. You can’t take the police word for something anymore than anyone else’s.

    The law says that in the constitution and the reality, for anyone who has studied this area, bears out the wisdom of the constitution on this, in every single last case, even traffic stops, especially traffic stops.

    I don’t know what this Imam was into. IF he was into undermining the constitution of he US, to heck with him. If he was not, shame on the FBI for yet another paranoid, sophmoric fiasco.

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