CAIR: EEOC Complaint Filed Against Mich. McDonald’s Over Hijab

CAIR: EEOC Complaint Filed Against Mich. McDonald’s Over Hijab

(SOUTHFIELD, MI, 4/13/10) – The Michigan chapter
of the Council on American-Islamic Relations
(CAIR-MI) today filed an Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint against a
McDonald’s restaurant in that state on behalf of
a Muslim who alleges denial of employment based on her ethnicity and religion.

The Muslim job applicant reported to CAIR-MI that
she recently applied for employment at a
McDonald’s restaurant in Rochester Hills,
Mich. During the interview, she alleges that one
of the restaurant managers asked about her
nationality and ethnicity and informed her that
wearing an Islamic head scarf, or hijab, would be a problem.

The applicant contacted the manager within a week
after the interview to inquire about possible
employment and was informed that someone else was
selected for the position. {NOTE: The restaurant
is in close proximity to one of the largest mosques in the state of Michigan.]

“We urge McDonald’s to take immediate action to
bring its hiring policies into compliance with
long-established legal guidelines on reasonable
religious accommodation in the workplace,” said
CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid.

He noted that in 2008, CAIR-MI raised concerns
with McDonald’s regarding two similar incidents
in which Muslim women alleged being denied employment because of hijab.

SEE: Women Claim McDonald’s Denies Jobs Due to Muslim Headscarves (USA Today)

Walid said Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of
1964 prohibits employers from discriminating
against individuals because of their religion in
hiring, firing and other terms and conditions of
employment. The act also requires employers to
reasonably accommodate the religious practices of
an employee, unless doing so would create an “undue hardship” for the employer.

In 2008, the EEOC issued new guidelines on
accommodating religious beliefs and practices in
the workplace. The guidelines offer protection
for workers who wear religious attire such as hijab.

SEE: New Religious Discrimination Manual Released (USA Today)

CAIR offers a booklet called “An Employer’s Guide
to Islamic Religious Practices” to help corporate
managers gain a better understanding of Islam and Muslims.

SEE: An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices

CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties
and advocacy organization. Its mission is to
enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage
dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower
American Muslims, and build coalitions that
promote justice and mutual understanding.

– END –


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