Police apparently failed to call for medical attention for slain Imam

The transcript below,  which ACLU-MI obtained from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request shows two new items:

1) Law enforcement did not call 911 for EMS assistance after Imam Luqman Abdullah was shot.

2) It appears that the Dearborn police were already at the scene at the time of the shooting.

How can the public have full confidence in the Dearborn Police’s report, which has been delayed numerous times, when they were i coordination with the FBI for the sting that led to the Imam’s death?

This is further solidifies the reasons why we repeat our call for Attorney General Holder to order a full scale civil rights investigation into the fatal shooting of the Imam.


12:07 p.m. 10/28/09

“911 Dearborn Emergency”

“You guys need to let these police officers that are at 5151 Miller Road with gunshots that there is people in 5151 and (at?) the corner.

I don’t know what they’re doing at the other part of the warehouse but  they need to be aware that there are three people in this building that are not affiliated with that.

911: Okay, 5151 Miller and police officers are outside now?

There’s police officers with guns there’s gun shots there’s Dearborn and FBI but we are connected to 5171 and  we’re at 5151 and they need to be aware. . .(unintelligible, something about “by-standers”)

Emergency: okay CJ and associates? Okay we’ll advise.”


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