New details emerge from the Imam Luqman shooting in Dearborn

New details emerge from the Imam Luqman shooting in Dearborn

April 29, 7:41 AMSE Michigan Islamic ExaminerHeather Laird

April 29, 2010. Questions loom as new information surfaces in the Imam Luqman shooting. Imam Luqman Abdullah, father of 13, was killed on October 28, 2009. There have been many details to emerge over the last  six months. Most recently, information obtained from a FOIA request made by the Michigan branch of the ACLU of the 911 call made by police on the scene found that no ambulance had been called after the shooting subsided. It also established that the Dearborn police were on the scene at the time of the shooting.

I phoned the Dearborn police this morning and asked about standard procedure for a shooting. I was transferred to the desk police officer, who informed me that they cannot pronounce a death. That their standard procedure is to “call the Fire department to call it.” ” The Fire department then calls the ambulance if they see fit too.” He also added that this is the norm. He then asked me why I was asking all these questions and about what incident I was referring to? When I told him the shooting of a man that was shot 21 times, he added that he “was not authorized to speak about this, that Dearborn police were not there and that it was an FBI matter.” I also phoned Special Agent Sandra Berchtold’s office for comment, and am awaiting response.

There are competing stories about what actually happened that day. The public will never get the chance to know exactly what happened from the perspective of Imam Luqman as he cannot speak for himself. Many community accounts have been given about his generosity and how he would give anything he had to the Mosque and people in need. What is definite knowledge is that Imam Luqman was shot 21 times. He was handcuffed after being shot and no medical attention was sought for a man who was not tried or convicted of any recent crime. He was a community leader. He was a father. He was a human being.

What we do know is that according to the 911 tapes, no Fire department or ambulance was called through dispatch. What we don’t know is why this man’s life was taken so brutally, and why no aid was sought for the least chance that he could be revived or saved.

Numerous agencies and community leaders have asked repeatedly that  Attorney General Holder’s office to order a full scale civil rights investigation into the fatal shooting of Imam Luqman’s death. This most recent information of the 911 calls seem to be more definite proof that the incident warrants this special investigation. When a life is taken it is like taking a the life of the whole community. Peace needs to be given to this community. Advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.


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