Dog mauls Imam, more unanswered questions

*Notice the two pictures below carefully.

The 1st picture is of the deceased Imam in the trailer with what appears to be a Detroit Police officer in the picture. (Shooting scene was in Dearborn by the way; more on that later). Notice the wooden floor and minimal amount of blood for a man who was shot 21 times.

The 2nd picture without the deceased shows a much larger quantity of dried blood. This picture is in the warehouse, not the trailer.  Notice the cement floor and the shelves.

These pictures are consistent with information that we received stating that his body was moved from the original shooting scene.  If his body was moved, then why not for medical assistance?  Was his body moved into the trailer in front of the so-called stolen goods?


Independent autopsy: Dog mauled imam

Oralandar Brand-Williams / The Detroit News

Southfield –A Muslim advocacy group released a report today claiming an imam was mauled by an FBI dog during a raid and may have fired at it to stop the attack.

The finding comes from an independent autopsy retained by the Council of American-Islamic Relations, whose leaders discussed the report during a news conference this afternoon at their Southfield offices.

The autopsy from forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, who is based in Pennsylvania, follows months of controversy over the shooting death of Luqman Abdullah. He was shot by FBI agents in October during a raid in a Dearborn warehouse over a stolen-goods operation.

The agents say they returned fire from Abdullah after he opened fire. A federal indictment labeled him a violent extremist but others have questioned the characterization and called for an independent investigation.

Wecht’s report — which was based on an earlier autopsy and didn’t involve exhuming the body — concluded an FBI dog killed in the raid was responsible for wounds on the imam’s face, hands and arms. The report also concluded that the imam’s jaw was broken as a result of the attack and not from an impact of falling to the ground as previously believed.

Also, Wecht’s report claimed Abdullah, who was shot 21 times, was shot twice in the back and not once as concluded by the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The county report also indicates the imam was shot twice in the chest, four times in the abdomen, twice in the groin, four times in the left hip and side, seven times in the left thigh, and once in the scrotum.

CAIR executive director Dawud Walid said the dog bites on Abullah’s body may indicate that the imam was trying to protect himself against the attack by the animal.

Walid renewed his call for the FBI, Dearborn Police and the Michigan State police to videotapes and other information on the case. He also called again for an independent investigation by the Justice Department into Abdullah’s shooting.

“They are the only ones who can do a thorough and robust investigation,” Walid said.

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