Regarding arrests of Christian missionaries in Dearborn

Statement from the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) regarding a MI State Representative’s call for investigation into Christian missionaries arrested at Arab American Festival in Dearborn:

The individuals arrested at the Arab American Festival for passing out Christian missionary literature were charged because they did not play by the rules of the festival.  Various religious groups passed out literature in designated areas after paying for booth space unlike those persons who were arrested.

Had those persons who were arrested in Dearborn been passing out their materials at a paid booth or in a public area outside of the festival area, which was corded for specific usage, we would defend them in this matter.

Being that they did not play by the rules however, we support the Dearborn Police as it relates to this particular action.


4 thoughts on “Regarding arrests of Christian missionaries in Dearborn

  1. freedom of religion is not based on paid booths, it’s based on the rule of law. Western Law. in the tradition of Western Europe and Ancient Greece, not s\Shariah. That’s the fact. Accept it, if your religion can’t compete farely that doesn’t change freedom of religion.

  2. This is America. Sharia law does not apply in Dearborn, Wayne County, Michigan or the USA. The four arrested do not have to “play by the rules” as defined by Sharia law. They do not have to “buy a booth” to discuss their faith. The Festival is a public festival held on public streets in AMERICA and AMERICAN law – not Islamic law – applies.

  3. These people (Missionaries) were inside the confines of the rented space for the festival, correct? But, they had not reserved a booth? In that case, it may be AMERICAN LAW they were breaking. However, I would like to know, did they try to rserve a booth? Were there any other religious booths, Christian or Jewish or other, at the festival? Why are those who practice the Islamic religion so afraid of Christianity? This IS AMERICA and if these folks do not wish their fellow Muslims to be exposed to other religions (we honor all religions, it is our basic principal for existanace) why in the world are they here? Why do they want to stay? Are they involved in a well paying job, going to one of our universities, visiting our cities and communities? What? Did the festival promoters speak with the missionaries before calling the police? I really would like to know if there were any other religions represented in an official booth at that festival.

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