Fact check: Elias Abuelazam is an ‘Israeli’

With a lot of media reports about the Middle Eastern looking suspected serial killer Elias Abuelazam whose primary victims were Black American men, there is some confusion about is nationality, ethnicity and religion.

Just for the sake of facts:

Nationality: Israeli (a citizen of the Jewish nation-state of Israel)

Ethnicity: Arab

Religion: Christianity

I know; I know, why mention that he’s a Christian?  Because if he were a Muslim, it would be a topic of discussion plus many people out here think that he is a Muslim simply because he’s an Arab.


3 thoughts on “Fact check: Elias Abuelazam is an ‘Israeli’

    • Elias has a history of psychosis and he tried to kill himself back in 1997. Elias suffers from paranoid schizophrenia with violent tendencies. Certainly, he needs therapy but prison is the only answer we have for individuals like Elias. He doesn’t fit your typical criminal profile. He lost his father at a young age and he felt he died when his father died. He was the oldest and only son of 6 kids. He was forced to be the male protector at a young age. Plus, he grew up in Israel where you are a target to get shot anytime all day and night. Those stressors create ptsd on top of his mental illness caused him to break from reality. He admitted to hearing voices to his doctors.

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