Walid gives sermon on ‘Reliance on Allah’

Today’s sermon was given at the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit in Rochester Hill, Michigan.

The rise in Islamophobia and the Park 51 community center project was mentioned in the second portion.

Click here to listen.


4 thoughts on “Walid gives sermon on ‘Reliance on Allah’

  1. When the leader of the sermon says in the audio you linked to that one day the grandchildren of the opponents of the mosque will be Muslims, that does not impress upon me good will or the desire for inter-faith dialog on the part of the mosque supporters.

    It tells me that the desire of the mosque supporters is to convert non-Muslims to Islam.

    • Interesting. Now I thought the point was that if one relies on God in all of our affairs, God has the power to touch the hearts of even the very people who spew hatred and anger at you – so much so that you may find them praying along behind you/alongside you.

      So that you understand: in Islam the congregation prays in rows “behind” the prayer leader, hence the phrase: “praying behind us”.

      So it would seem that your issue is with both the semantics, and perhaps not knowing enough about the religion you are commenting on. I encourage you to learn more, from credible sources, so that you can have a better informed position.

  2. The sermon mentioned “may” not will.

    Now, the sermon also mentioned how some White bigots who were against de-segregation and inter-racial marriages now have grandchildren who are inter=racial that see a Black president of America on television.

    Within the context of the sermon, you know goodness well what the point was. When a group of people fight something based upon hatred, there are strange ways in which their hatred manifests itself in unlikely ways that they won’t like.

    And, one can be an interfaith promoter and still welcome new persons to their faith. Do interfaith activists who are Baptists or Quakers turn away people if they come to learn about their denominations and choose to accept?!

    Come on;, get for real, please!

  3. As Salaamu Alaikum Bro Dawud,

    Thank you for this. It’s so timely. I was studying earlier the battles of Badr and Uhud and concluding the reasons for the different outcomes were obvious. In one the believers put their totally reliance in Allah and in the other they doubted.

    The reminder of Ta’if was helpful. We must remember faithful constancy during times of hardship and adversity. Surely those before us have suffered similar or worse.

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