Simple question regarding Qur’an burning suspect and lack of charges

Two days ago, the Ingham County prosecutor stated that no charges would be filed against a male who left a burned Qur’an at the front door of the Islamic Center of Greater Lansing on 9/11.  Yesterday, the City of East Lansing stated that they were not going to press charges against the male for trespassing.

So the question is, do government officials routinely post $10,000 rewards for incidences in which they believe that no crime was committed?

In this situation, it appears to be the case.  A $10,000 reward was announced by the city for information related to apprehension of the Qur’an burner.  Now, they’re saying he’s not even guilty of trespassing or even littering.  That’s quite bizarre.

I wonder if it would be considered Freedom of Speech under the 1st Amendment by the prosecutor of Ingham County if a noose was left to hang at a Black church (I’m a Black American by the way) or if some swastikas were left at the door of a Jewish Temple.

Meanwhile just yesterday, some mosques around the country including one in Michigan received threatening letters accompanied with pork bacon.  They were intercepted by the US Postal Service Inspection Service.


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