Letter: Muslims face abuse across America


Nolan Finley’s column, “Islam must turn the other cheek,” (Sept. 12), was contradictory and short sighted, to say the least.

Islam is not responsible for the “lunatic fringe” that is protesting our nation because of the now canceled Quran burning of Terry Jones. A fringe by definition anyway means outside of the majority mainstream. American Muslims have overwhelmingly acted responsibly in the face of hatred spewed against us on cable television programs and radio talk shows and by bigots who desecrate our mosques and the Quran.

What is most disappointing about Finley’s column is that it failed to acknowledge the toxic environment that has been stoked up domestically, not abroad, by media hounds that are competing to see who can show the most bigotry toward Islam and Muslims. Within recent months, a mosque was bombed in Florida, several mosques have been vandalized across the country and a Quran was burned at the Islamic Center of Greater Lansing with apparent fecal matter smeared on pages that were ripped out of it.

Perhaps Finley should spend more time addressing the intolerance of those who are misrepresenting other religions right here in America instead of simply addressing a group of fringe protesters half way across the globe.

Dawud Walid, executive director, Council on American-Islamic Relations-Michigan, Southfield


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