Fear of Muslims called ‘Irrational’


Fear Of Muslims Called “Irrational”
By Rod Kackley, NewsRadio WOOD 1300 News Team
Friday, October 22, 2010
Dawud Walid, the Executive Director of the Center for American-Islamic Relations in Detroit believes that Juan Williams story is troubling because of what it says about America, rather than what Williams said about Muslims.

Walid told NewsRadio WOOD 1300 he does not believe that the former NPR analyst –who lost his job because he said that seeing people in “Muslim garb” on airliners scared him — is “a raving, anti-Muslim bigot.” But, Walid does feel this speaks to a far larger issue.

He thinks we have to remember that when it comes to the 9-11 attacks, 7 million Muslim-Americans did not do it. And, those that did, did not do it in “Muslim garb.”

“Furthermore, people who hijack planes try to blend in and look as inconspicuous as possible.”

What really bothers Walid about Williams’ statement is that “comments from a man of his stature, can confirm fears or suspicions that people have in their minds about Muslims.”

He also said the fear that many Americans have of Muslims remind him of the fear that some white suburbanites seem to have of African-Americans who they find threatening.



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