On Al-Qaeda’s Gadahn calling Detroit Muslims to ‘jihad’

Adam Gadahn, a born American who is now an Al-Qaeda spokesman, spoke on a video just released asking Muslims residing in the “miserable suburbs” of Paris, London, and Detroit to rise up in “jihad” against “the West.”

Outside of Gadahn’s call being un-Islamic and worthy of the strongest condemnation, he simply does not understand the condition of Muslims in Detroit.

Detroit Muslims are not under occupation nor feel powerless.  Detroit Muslims that I interact with and know are not like the foolish ones in other areas of the world that have joined Al-Qaeda.  Detroit Muslims are overwhelmingly law abiding and civically engaged.  The first Muslim judge in America and first Muslim deputy mayor of a major city is a Detroiter, Adam Shakoor, who is a role model of mine.  Michigan’s first Muslim female state legislator lives in Detroit, Rashida Tlaib.  Judge Charlene Elder sits on the bench in Detroit.

Also, Detroit Muslims are very educated in Islam.  In fact, it is safe to say that the average mosque attending Muslim in Detroit is significantly more educated about Islam than the average Muslim who sides in a village in Afghanistan or Pakistan.  We know that the Qur’an clearly says whoever kills an innocent person is like one who kills all of humanity, and we know the Qur’an commands believers, “Do not kill yourselves” (i.e. suicide bombings).

Gadahn’s speech is double talk.  On the one hand, he states that great care should be taken in not harming Muslims.  On the other hand, over 80% of Al-Qaeda’s victims worldwide are Muslims!  It is impermissible to kill civilians of any faith in a legitimate conflict according to Islam’s final prophet, Muhammad. The Qur’an also clearly says that whoever unlawfully kills a Muslim will dwell in Hell-fire in which they will reside forever.  Gadahn should think about this regarding where many of his Al-Qaeda comrades will dwell in the afterlife.

If Gadahn wishes to help Muslims as he claims, he should leave Al-Qaeda and advise them to stop killing innocent people including Muslims.  Not only has Al-Qaeda killed many Muslims from the World Trade Center on 9/11 to security forces in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, but their speech and actions have given a negative image of Islam to millions of people around the world.

As far as I’m concerned, Gadahn is an enemy to Islam.


3 thoughts on “On Al-Qaeda’s Gadahn calling Detroit Muslims to ‘jihad’

  1. Hi Mr. Walid,
    Love listening to what you have to say about Muslim Extremism and all of the Al Queda Spinoff groups.
    I was in Iraq in ’04 and many, like you, are really great people. The others are the scum of the Earth and today,May 4th, I have heard all of these lowlife losers calling for Jihad against the U.S.
    I hope this website of yours publishes letters because I am calling for Muslim Terrorists to Come after ME. They will end up like bin Laden.
    And to rub salt into the wounds of 9/11 these scumbags are Whining about bin Laden’s Burial “Rights” and on and on about the justified killing of bin Laden.
    These dopes seem to think it’s fine and dandy to kill thousands of Americans but God Help us all for killing their loser leader.

    Again-Love hearing you speak and Thanks,
    Bill Jennings

    • i wish i could do something to help my country get rid of all these big mouth muslims who think they can live here in AMERICA and spread that evil crap that MOHAMMAD teached his followers ! AMERICANS are getting sick and tired of these peaple from the middle east bringing their stupid holy war over here to the states . from the time they are born they are taught to hate americans because we have the title of being the greatest nation on earth !! we are the greatest because we follow jesus the son of god , and they are always at war because they follow some evil man named MOHAMMAD !!

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