Speech at event with Shaykh Niass

Short speech that I gave at a mawlid gathering with the Ansarudeen USA organization of the Tijani sufi order.  In attendance were several scholars and imams including Shaykh Muhammad Al-Amin Niass of Senegal, the son of “Shaykh Al-Islam” Ibrahima Niass (RH), Fatima At-Tijani, a descendent of Shaykh Ahmad At-Tijani (RH) plus one of the sons of Shaykh Hassan Cisse (RH).

Click to here to listen.

Click here for information about Ansarudeen USA.


2 thoughts on “Speech at event with Shaykh Niass

  1. Salaam Alaikum Ahk. Is their any muqaddam in Detroit??? Ive been a follower of the Tijani Imams for a long time, but here in Cleveland no muqaddam. I thought maybs i could go to Detroit and meet some brother there InshaAllah!! Sukran Masalaama!!!

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