Year anniversary of Imam Luqman shooting today

Imam Abdullah standing next to confidential informant "Jabril" - S3

Today marks the one year anniversary of the controversial fatal shooting of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah during an overblown FBI military-type operation at a Dearborn warehouse.

Abdullah, who was shot 21 times including in the back by four FBI shooters, led Masjid Al-Haqq located in Detroit, MI.  Abdullah was also a veteran of the U.S. military, a father, husband and sibling.  Abdullah was known by the residents of his neighborhood as charitable man, who ran a soup kitchen for years despite living in abject poverty himself.  Abdullah was a human being, not a devil, is what I’m trying to get across.

His mosque, which came under scrutiny by the FBI over 3 years ago, and to my knowledge is still under investigation with informants in it, is located in a downtrodden neighborhood in the poorest major city in America.  The  mosque is so broke that it was booted out of its original location off of Joy. Rd due to lacking funds to pay a few thousand dollars in back taxes.  While open at its previous location, it often lacked heat from being too poor to pay heat bills, the facility would sometimes be warmed by a kerosene heater and worshippers at times wrapped themselves in blankets.  The current location (a two family flat off of Clairmont Ave), which I walked past with a reporter two days ago doesn’t have all of its windows, and plastic is covering two windows

That does not sound like a group of people, which had the capacity to overthrow the government to establish “shari’ah” by selling stolen goods as presented in the government’s criminal affidavit.

Now, two of those arrested have taken measly plea deals, and the other eight persons who were arrested one year ago are being offered the same.  Being offered a year probation in a plea deal for being part of a fencing operation with the intention to overthrow the government sure sounds reasonable to me! (Sarcasm if you didn’t notice.)

Without getting into the unanswered questions and discrepancies in reports about the fatal shooting, which will be highlighted in a CAIR-MI report to be released soon to the public, I’d like to ask a couple of simple questions.

Was it worth it to infiltrate an impoverished mosque in the poorest major city in America and spend well over a million dollars in an investigation and sting operation in which a man died who was not part of a terrorist organization, not part of a group that was actively planning to kill law enforcement officers like the Hutaree Christian Militia and was not part of an organized crime syndicate?

Was it worth our tax payer dollars to spend well over a million dollars to arrest persons and paint them as “Sunni” extremists to give them measly plea deals?

The people who I’ve spoken with, mainly Black Christians, in the community in which he lived in say that it wasn’t worth it.

We the public may never get all of the facts or complete clarity regarding why the FBI infiltrated the mosque to the fatal shooting that took place last year.  One thing is for certain is that the one day, everything will be made clear at the Supreme Court of G-d in which no one’s intentions and no facts have the possibility of being suppressed.

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