Muharram starts tomorrow at dusk

The 1st lunar month and one of the sacred months in Al-Islam, Muharram, starts at dusk tomorrow, Monday 12/6/10, meaning that the first day is on Tuesday 12/7/10.

The Day of Aashoora (Aashura/Ashura) will be on 12/16/10.

It is highly recommended to fast on Aashoora as it is narrated that it was the day in which Nuh (AS) – Noah commanded his people to fast upon the Ark settling on Mt. Judi.  Sunni Muslims believe it to be the day in which Musa (AS) – Moses and the Children of Israel were liberated from Egypt.  The Imams from Ahlul Bayt (the Prophet’s household) from the Zaydi madhhab (one of the Shi’ah schools of thought) also highly recommend fasting Aashoora as well.

Aashoora is also noteworthy symbolically for being the day of the martyrdom of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAAS), Al-Husayn ibn Ali (SA), who was decapitated in Karbala, Iraq along with 72 other men, primarily grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Prophet Muhammad (SAAS).

Aashoora embodies the sacrifices that believers are presented in the face of opposition from the status quo and at times from oppressive governments.


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