Superficial Safety

The Dec. 26 story “Foiled bomb: Lesson for U.S.” failed to question Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about the stated impetus of heightened screening in airports after the failed Christmas Day attack of 2009.


Given that the “underwear bomber” apparently did not coordinate his lone wolf attack with anyone residing in the states, the rationale has yet to be presented regarding the expenditure of millions of taxpayer dollars for deploying more full body scanning machines that have limited effectiveness in even distinguishing between human flesh and plastic explosives.


Every person flying through an American airport could have walked through a full body scanner, and it still would not have prevented the attack of last Christmas.


We want privacy and safety concerns balanced, not measures that make us believe that we are safer.


Dawud Walid

Executive Director Council on American-Islamic Relations – Michigan (CAIR-MI) Southfield

Detroit Free Press, 1/1/11


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