Pepsi Super Bowl Ad Invokes Old Racist Motifs

Pepsi waded into the waters of tired racist motifs during one of their Pepsi Max commercials during the Super Bowl last night.

The one commercial shows a Black male, who attempts to consume items that his Black female companion had obviously instructed him not to have.  She then engages in a number of acts to demonstrate that shes the boss.  At the end of the commercial, they both are sitting on a park bench in which the Black male looks interested at a White female in which the Black woman throws a can of Pepsi Max at the male but misses and hits the White woman.

Thus the commercial presents the following:

1) Stereotypical domineering Black woman

2) Emasculated Black man who is punked by Black woman

3) Black man lusts over White woman

4) Helpless White woman becomes victim of violence from a Black

Mind you, this was all projected on the most watched television time of the year in America, which coincides with Black History Month.

Pepsi should be ashamed of itself and should apologize for this BS.


7 thoughts on “Pepsi Super Bowl Ad Invokes Old Racist Motifs

  1. This was not a racist commercial. If the reality hurts, change it; stop screaming “RACIST”!! I have lived in north and sub-Saharan Africa, and have not experienced the level of tangible hatred from blacks that I do being a white male in this country. As a matter of fact, I didn’t feel it at all, as I always try to interact with others with politeness and respect. What is the problem in this country? My ancestors have been here since before the American Revolution, and none of them ever owned slaves. Is it at all possible in this country for me not to be held personally responsible for slavery?
    Personally, I found all versions of the PepsiMax commercials off-putting …. the amount of personal aggression in this country has reached obscene levels, and these commercials were, in my humble opinion, in bad taste. Thanks for considering my comments.

  2. Your a dumb fuck, people like you keep racism alive. The racist whites and gays in America love you, because you are keeping America and the world divided. Get a life and understand the Gay love this stupid divide as they begin to take over.

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