Say No To Arizona Type Profiling Law in Michigan


Last week, Michigan House Bill 4305 was introduced by a number of state representatives, which would replicate a bill passed last summer in Arizona that gave local and state law enforcement power to question persons regarding their immigration status.

The passage of HB 4305 would thus allow police forces to enforce federal immigration law to question persons who may not appear to look or sound “American.”  If HB 4305 becomes law, it would provide police officers justification to profile individuals based upon physical features or religious attire  (i.e. hijab, niqab, thawb, turban, etc.)

“Since legal status in America cannot be ascertained by looking at persons’ skin color or religious attire, this bill becoming law has the potential of targeting Latinos and Muslims from various national backgrounds,” said CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid.

CAIR-MI opposed similar legislation that was proposed last year, which was patterned after Arizona’s anti-immigrant bill.

SEE: New Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law Will Result in Profiling (FOX 2 Detroit)

Contact Governor Rick Synder to ask him to veto this bill that invites civil rights abuses and will deter immigrant friendly businesses from creating jobs in Michigan.

Call 866-957-9069 or e-mail at

2 thoughts on “Say No To Arizona Type Profiling Law in Michigan

  1. WOW!!! you are VERY misinformed of what this bill actually consists of! If you actually read it you would know that it does not say they can question peoples immigration status by just their appearance or “sound”! What the bill actually says is that it would require state agencies and local governments to verify the legal U.S. residence status of every person who applies for various kinds of welfare benefits. It also says that law enforcement officers and agencies would make a reasonable attempt when practicable to determine the immigration status of any person detained under any lawful stop, detention, or arrest! If you would like to actually READ the bill being proposed here is the web address…

  2. Actually, I’m not misinformed at all. Local and state law enforcement questioning someone based upon a probability is too broad. People with DARKER skin and cultural/religious clothing will be questioned.

    You’re being insincere if you are telling me that Michigan State Police will be asking White folks about the citizenship status in West Bloomfield. They will, if this becomes law, being doing it in Dearborn and Southwest Detroit.

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