On Terry Jones’ plan to protest Muslims in Dearborn

Controversial fringe pastor Terry Jones has announced that he’s coming to Dearborn, Michigan to protest Islam outside of the Islamic Center of America on April 22.

Jones, who recently oversaw the burning of the Qur’an at this church this past Sunday, shepherds a small congregation of approximately 50  persons.  May G-d guide those souls, who follow such a leader!

The reality is that Jones, who received international media coverage prior to aborting his “Burn the Koran Day” stunt on the anniversary of 9/11, is merely seeking attention.  Hence, this is why all major Muslim organizations in America and in Florida ignored his recent stunt in which the Qur’an was burned in his church.

The irony about Jones and the Qur’an burning is that it is customary for Muslims to burn the Qur’an as a way of discarding a copy that has page(s) missing or has typographical errors.  Jones is simply discarding the book the same way that Muslims do!

Anyone, who would attack Jones or place a bounty on his head is misguided.  There is no doubt about that.  Jones, however, is himself misguided if he thinks he’s going to eradicate the spirit or practice of Islam in Metro Detroit by pulling such a stunt.  In fact, he’s bringing attention to Islam that will attract more people to learn about it, which may cause some to change their religion.

If Jones wants to have a private conversation for a day in Metro Detroit about Islam and the Qur’an away from the cameras, I’m more than welcome to engage him in such.


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