Regarding Qur’an burning & attack at U.N. building in Afghanistan

Media reports today state that seven persons were killed  in Afghanistan at an United Nations building when angry individuals stormed the building in protest of a Qur’an, which was burned at Pastor Terry Jones’ church almost two weeks ago.

There is no justification for wanton violence against anyone who states disbelief or disrespects the Qur’an.  Moreover, there is absolutely no justification for innocent individuals to have been harmed and killed at the U.N. building, who had nothing to do with the uncivilized behavior of Pastor Jones.

The actions by those in Afghanistan in reaction to Pastor Jones’ incivility are un-Islamic.  Those who are guilty of killing innocent persons at the U.N. building if arrested, charged and found guilty of murder are worthy of execution.  Their actions are exponentially worse than the burning of the Qur’an.

Islam enjoins peace and the rule of law on its adherents.  Islam is free of what those emotional driven zealots perpetrated.




3 thoughts on “Regarding Qur’an burning & attack at U.N. building in Afghanistan

  1. Nice post but do you actually think or believe that anyone will be arrested. I didn’t think so! Where is C.A.I.R on this one? They should be on ABC, Fox News and saying the same thing that you did………but they (CAIR) won’t. Want to bet. You are a member of CAIR!

  2. They killed people who changed there own life’s to make there life’s better.
    Disgraceful. Is this how they want to live?

  3. @TaterSalad,

    Despite what you and many of your ilk believe, the corporate media doesn’t come when we come calling. We issued a press release on the issue and media mysteriously did not come, NO NATIONAL media.

    Muslims denouncing extremists doesn’t make for sexy headlines; bloody civilians does however.

    BTW, Muslims are being slaughtered by Christians now in the Ivory Coast. 5 imams have been assassinated recently as well as 10 mosques have been burned down. Have you condemned this???

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