Regarding those who say faith is without action or that actions are pre-determined

The Prophet Muhammad (Prayers and peace be upon him and his family) stated, “There are two groups from my community that have no share in Islam: the Murji’iyyah and the Qadariyyah.” (Sound hadith narrated by At-Tabarani according to Albani).


Imam Al-Qasim Ar-Rassi Al-‘Alawi (May G-d’s prayers be upon him) said that “The Murji’iyyah are those who say ‘Faith is statement without works,’ and the Qadariyyah are those who say ‘that actions are compelled.'”

Abu Hanifah (May G-d’s mercy be upon him) held the position that a person, who is Muslim is in fact a believer and that there is no distinction between the two.

Most of the scholars of the salaf and those who followed from descendants of the Prophet held that “Faith is in word (qawl) and deed (amal),” as narrated in a prophetic tradition, which meaning is correct.


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