Will the GOP challenge bigotry or continue to use it to score cheap pts?

MI State Rep Rashida Tlaib (D-Detroit), MI State Rep Harvey Santana (D-Detroit), representatives from ACLU-MI, NAACP, Reform Immigration Now and I as CAIR-MI Exec. Director held a press conference today voicing concerns about House Bill No. 4769, which is an uncover anti-shari’ah bill introduced by MI State Rep Dave (Obama is an Uncover Muslim) Agema.

SEE:  Detroit legislators, civil rights groups speak out against ‘anti-Sharia’ bill (Mlive.com)

SEE: (Video) of portion of press conference

The ACLU, NAACP and Reform Immigration for America are non-Islamic organizations, which recognize that this bill could encroach on the constitutional rights of all Americans, and at its core, is based in bigotry.

As I’ve noted, every bill or ballot initiative across the country such as this that has been proposed in approximately 20 states across America have been introduced by White folks, who are Tea Party acolytes within the GOP.  Moreover, these same persons are also supporters of Arizona copycat immigration bills that invite racial profiling of minorities.

And as recently noted by the New York Times and NPR, White Supremacist David Yerushalmi is the author and mastermind behind anti-shari’ah bills across the country.

Beyond this bill, the question is can moderates within the GOP succeed in taking back the party of Abraham Lincoln from those within it such as Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachman, Rep. Allen West (R-FL) and Mujahideen Khalq terrorism supporter Rudy Giuliani, who use xenophobia and Islamophobia as a political strategy?



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