The Call: Connecting Radical Theology With the Islamophobia Network

On November 11, 2011, a evangelical group dubbed The Call will be holding a prayer vigil at Ford Field in which it will be summoning Divine support against “the rising tide of the Islamic movement” along with poverty, murder and abortion.

The Call’s leader Lou Engle, who has ties to the controversial New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), which propagates the concept of spiritual warfare against non-Christians, who they claim are demon possessed such as Muslims. Those who are possessed according to NAR’s understanding must be liberated from bondage, which can including holding exorcisms with driving stakes into the ground at non-Christian houses of worship to cast out demons. National Public Radio (NPR) recently carried an in depth segment about Engle’s association with NAR and its theology. Engle also has direct ties to anti-shari’ah political fear mongers in Michigan.

Right Wing Watch has archived a video of Engle promoting The Call program in Detroit along with his cohort Rick Joyner of The Oak Initiative, which is a group working with Michigan State Representative Dave Agema (R-Grandville) to pass anti-shari’ah legislation in Michigan under the guise of the Restriction of Foreign Laws Act. View CAIR-MI’s explanation of the anti-shari’ah legislation and those behind it.

Joyner, who works with and promotes the fake ex-terrorist Kamal Saleem aka Khodor Shamiadmits to working closely with one of America’s most notorious anti-Muslim bigots namedFrank Gaffney of the American Center for Security Policy. Gaffney, who the Center for American Progress (CAP) has found to be a key part of America’s multi-million dollar funded Islamophobia network, has actively promoted the “creeping shari’ah” conspiracy theory and defends the anti-Muslim bigotry of white supremacist David Yerushalmi, who is the intellectual architect of anti-shari’ah legislation across America.

Besides these known Islamophobes, The Call has even garnered support from politicians such as MI State Senator Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) for their prayer vigil. The Call can pray for Muslims or other non-Christian group, which they deem to be heathens to be guided aright; that is no problem. The direct issue is The Call in its theological crusade could be endorsing, perhaps even inciting zealous persons to go onto mosque and Islamic school properties, which are private properties, to commit provocative acts. Moreover, The Call and its direct supporters are bigots, who actively engaged in attempting to marginalize American Muslims from the socio-political fabric of their own country, America.

The Call is not uplifting Detroit or uplifting America with its rhetoric. It is actually feeding into the current divisive climate, which America has not seen since the heydays of the White Citizens’ Council in the turbulent 1960’s.



2 thoughts on “The Call: Connecting Radical Theology With the Islamophobia Network

  1. Hi,
    I plan to attend the call event in downtown Detroit…. I’am a Christian and hope that these rumors are not true… Prayer and fasting sanctified by God is what I’am expecting… If any anti-muslim actions are happening, I will be leaving!

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