AUDIO: Manners of Speech

My khutbah from this Friday, which was given at the Islamic Organization of North America masjid in Warren, MI, was about some of the manners pertaining to speech.

Click here to listen.

The following was mentioned:

1)      Speaking good and giving constructive comments is what Islam enjoins as well as staying silent if having nothing good to say unless it is a constructive criticism.

2)      Islam prohibits looking for people’s faults to spread via gossip and back-biting. Story mentioned of Umar ibn Al-Khattab, who improperly confronted a Muslim due to gossip.

3)      Dissuading people from un-Islamic, anti-social behaviors and using people as examples, who promote such is not back-biting. Example used of woman from “All-American Muslim,” who wants to open a nightclub with a bar.

4)      Back-biting is worse than fornication according to Prophet Muhammad.

5)      Do not carrying information about people’s private matters based upon unverified info from the internet.

6)      Avoid discussing important matters on Facebook, Twitter and text messages because tone cannot be ascertained, which can cause miscommunication.

7)      In person conversations brings spirits together and is better than internet communication.


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