AUDIO: Muharram – Engagement in Society

Audio of my recent khutbah at Yaseen Foundation in Bay Area of California about standing up for justice and significance of Muharram.

Click here to listen.


One thought on “AUDIO: Muharram – Engagement in Society

  1. I am completely appalled at the behavior of some Corporations, Businesses and just plain people over their prejudice, bigotry and hate of any group who may present different views, beliefs, etc. This is not the America that I believe in. I am so saddened by the behavior of many Americans during these hard times. I will not step foot in Lowes until they apologize to all Muslims and take part in some type of community education that might help them develop more understanding toward the beautiful Muslim culture and peaceful religion. I am not muslim. I am Jewish. I have also been the brunt of prejudice and bigotry. This must stop now! We are what we teach. If we teach hatred, we will become an angry, hated nation.

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